‘Siren’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Mermaid War Is Coming

Siren Season 3 Episode 3 continues the more expansive storyline of the third season. Freeform’s supernatural drama started its third season about where the second season left off. Ben Pownall is dealing with the fallout from allowing Ian Sutton to die to protect Ryn and the other merpeople. His decision is affecting his relationships with Maddie Bishop and Ryn.

Meanwhile, a new mermaid has arrived in Bristol Cove. She calls herself Tia and she wants to unite all the merpeople and kill all humans. In the last episode, she fought with Ryn and won, leaving Ryn severely injured. But that was only a battle.

As Sarge told Helen Hawkins, “war is coming.” And Ryn and her colony and their allies Ben and Maddie need to be ready.

[Spoiler alert: The following contains major spoilers for Siren Season 3 Episode 3.]

Healing and gaining strength in ‘Siren’ Season 3 Episode 3

Eline Powell of 'Siren' Season 3 Episode 3
Siren star Eline Powell | Jenny Anderson/FreeForm via Getty Images

Siren Season 3 Episode 3 starts with Ryn waking up in Helen’s place. She is still healing from her fight with Tia. Helen then gives Ryn Sarge’s message and Ryn feels that it must mean Tia. She has to be ready.

Maddie is getting a coffee with Rob Wellens, the man who is working on cleaning the plastic out of the oceans. He invites her to take part in the project and she thinks it would be a great experience. The story then moves to Xander who is still training for the police department. However, he keeps getting distracted by memories of when he accidentally shot Ryn’s sister Donna.

Ben goes to visit his parents, saying his father Ted wanted to talk to him. Ted wants to know if the “marine creature” that Commander Kyle got the stem cells from is a merperson. Ben doesn’t really answer and that tells Ted everything he needs to know. Their conversation can’t continue much longer, however, as they’re interrupted by Ben’s mother Elaine falling underwater in the pool she’s in.

Miraculous recovery and Ryn’s plan in ‘Siren’

Ben dives into the water to save his mother, but she’s absolutely fine even though she was under for a while. The story then moves to Ryn, who is telling her colony what their plan of action is. Eliza and some others are going to stay to help Ryn heal and make her strong again. Katrina and the rest will go back to the water to guard their territory against Tia.

Ryn practices fighting with other mermaids from her colony. She also asks Maddie to teach her to read since Tia is “more human” than Ryn is and she wants more knowledge to become as human as her enemy. Maddie is then shown at her place, with Ben and then Rob showing up. Throughout the story, a pregnant mermaid hybrid named Meredith is shown.

Meredith is in a lot of pain and Ryn is shown to have similar pains. Maddie is worried about Ryn so she takes her and her niece Camille to see the mermaid hybrid’s doctor Leena. It is then that Leena confesses that Meredith is pregnant with Ryn’s baby, due to one of Ryn’s eggs being implanted in Meredith. However, it is dangerous for Ryn to go to Meredith because Bryan is there. 

Tia’s next move and Ben Pownall’s surprising decision in ‘Siren’ Season 3 Episode 3

Ryn drives Maddie’s car and follows the doctor to where Meredith is. She sings to calm her baby and it works. Meanwhile, in the water, Tia defeats and kills the current leader of her colony, to become their leader again. Helen eats a herb from the water that Eliza got her and goes to the spirit world to talk to Sarge.

While there, she meets Ryn’s sister Donna instead. Helen asks Donna where Sarge is but Donna doesn’t reply and she breaks up into a bunch of little pieces, which are then scattered by the wind. Ben is shown injecting himself with mermaid stem cells, which he gets from a mermaid, possibly Donna, whose grave he digs up. Meanwhile back with Ryn, Maddie and Xander arrive just in time to see Camille severely injure and possibly kill Bryan.