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Curious about Siren? Or maybe you’re already a fan but need a reminder about certain plot points. You’ve come to the right place.

This show is about a mermaid who comes to land in the small town of Bristol Cove. According to legend, many mermaids once lived in the town. Yet no one actually believes those legends. Or do they?

A ‘Siren’ summary

Siren star Eline Powell
Siren star Eline Powell | Jenny Anderson/FreeForm via Getty Images

Ryn, a mermaid, comes to land because she is searching for her sister. Donna, her sister, went missing because she was caught in a fishing net and taken by the military. So Ryn decides to look for her.

Along the way, she meets marine biologists Ben Pownall and Maddie Bishop. They are fascinated by her and do their best to help her. Initially they want to find out not only where her sister is but where their friend Chris is. So they agree to help Ryn.

What else happens in the process of searching for Ryn’s sister?

Ben goes with his friend Xander and Xander’s father on their fishing boat to search the ocean for a mermaid. They do this because they believe that finding another mermaid might lead them to Chris and solidify their belief that the government is keeping mermaids secret. While searching the ocean, Ben finds a device in the water with the sounds of a mermaid on it.

Ben decides to study the device and eventually brings it to Helen. Ryn is upset when she hears it because it’s her sister’s screams. As time goes on, Ryn gets closer to Ben and Maddie and becomes more like a human.

What is the result of Ryn becoming more human?

As is mentioned before, Ryn gets closer to Ben and Maddie and therefore becomes more human. While she is still a mermaid, and there are differences between Ryn and most humans, she still does her best to react to things in a human way. She understands humanity and works to cultivate it within herself.

Does Ryn find her sister? Well, yes. Yet things don’t exactly go as planned afterwards. Ryn and her sister have a disagreement, after which the latter heads back to the ocean.

Donna, Ryn’s sister, does eventually come back. She brings with her two other mermaids, hoping to convince Ryn to come home with her. Again, things don’t go as planned. There is more to the story, of course, yet we don’t want to give too much away.

If you’re intrigued, we definitely recommend watching Siren on Freeform. The show is a great one, you won’t be disappointed. Tell your friends about it and watch it together. You’ll be glad you did.

This is a show you can — and will — watch every week. It’s vibrant and it will pique your interest. It is a great addition to anyone’s list of TV shows. Join the group of people who can’t wait for the next episode. Every character and storyline will grab your attention and never let go. It’s like a siren’s song itself.