‘Sister Wives’: 3 Times Fans Think the Brown Family Was Absolutely Ridiculous

For the last 10 years, Sister Wives fans have watched the Brown family navigate all sorts of growing pains and drama. They haven’t always navigated those moments gracefully, and often, they turn minor issues into major drama. Brown family followers have pointed to several moments during the show’s tenure that are cringeworthy and, sometimes, more than a little petty. Do you remember these moments?

Christine Brown’s singing performance at a family wedding made ‘Sister Wives’ fans uncomfortable

TLC cameras have captured a lot of milestone moments for the Brown family. Cameras have been present at several weddings. While most of the nuptials have gone off fine, fans still cringe at Christine Brown’s performance at Mykelti and Tony Padron’s wedding.

In season 12, TLC’s cameras captured Christine singing in front of 400 guests at Mykelti’s wedding. The performance was a request from the bride, but the entire spectacle makes Sister Wives viewers cringe. Not only did they not enjoy the performance, but they can’t help but wonder why the music coach Christine was working with didn’t advise her to consider a different arrangement. Mykelti and Tony are happily married and recently welcomed their first child, so it clearly all worked out.

Viewers can’t believe the Brown family is still arguing over a retention pond

A lot has happened since the Brown family moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona, for no discernible reason. Sister Wives fans mostly agree that the move was ill-advised and has done little to help the family work through their issues. If anything, the big move has made things worse and shown how petty the five adults in the family can be.

Reddit users have spent months talking about the land that the family bought several years ago but have failed to build on. One of the reasons they haven’t built on Coyote Pass is because they can’t decide where the houses will go. The entire family is fighting over a pond, which looks more like a drainage ditch. Fans of the series think the whole debate is absurd at this point.

‘Sister Wives’ fans find Robyn’s revisionist history cringeworthy

Long before Kody Brown dragged his four wives to Flagstaff, and even before Christine’s singing sent fans scrambling for the mute button, Robyn Brown was making fans cringe. Robyn, Kody’s fourth and now legal wife, was married before joining the Brown family. She brought three children with her. Sister Wives fans found the idea of a blended family on television great until Robyn began revising her family’s entire history.

Reddit users note that Robyn’s decision to commission a portrait of a young Kody with her three children from a previous marriage to be especially troublesome. The picture, they feel, was a way for Robyn to rewrite her children’s history and, at the same time, hijack the past of the rest of the Brown family. Fans of the series found it cringeworthy.