‘Sister Wives’: After the Most Recent Episode, Fans Say Robyn Brown Is ‘Manipulative’

The Mar. 1 episode of Sister Wives left fans with a lot to unpack. While a lot of ground was covered, fans were still left without information about what the Browns are ultimately going to do with the land they purchased. While Coyote Pass sat untouched, tempers flared. Some fans walked away thinking Kody Brown was utterly in the wrong, but many other followers question Robyn Brown’s behavior, too. It is not, however, the first time, Robyn’s intentions and actions have been called into question.

Fans think Robyn is manipulative

Casual viewers may have been outraged by Kody’s suggestion that Robyn gets “table scraps” during a heated argument between the pair, but an eagle-eyed Reddit user noted that Robyn had said the exact same thing about herself in the past. In fact, she used the exact same terminology, which has led some followers to believe she’s manipulating the situation, just like Kody.

Robyn is the last wife into the family, but by all accounts, she has the most power over Kody. Not only did Kody file for divorce from Meri to marry his fourth wife, but the pair apparently spend more one-on-one time together than any of the other couples in the alternative family. Has she cultivated a deeper relationship with Kody through manipulation? It’s hard to say, but it certainly looks like Robyn gets her way more often than the other wives.

Are things getting worse for the Browns now that they live in Flagstaff?

The move to Flagstaff has been rife with problems. Not only has the family failed to settle in, but rumors have swirled that the citizens of the small city haven’t been exactly welcoming. In fact, the police were called on the family the very first night they lived in the town.

Meri has also spoken openly about the fact that she misses Las Vegas and the friendships she cultivated in Sin City. The other wives have been less vocal about their upset, but it seems as though each of them has some sense of buyers’ remorse over the move. The move, in general, seemed pretty inexplicable and poorly planned, so hardcore viewers of the series are not surprised that the Browns are floundering in their new home.

Why did the family move to Flagstaff in the first place?

The Brown family’s hasty move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff more than a year ago left many fans confused. After all, the family seemed perfectly comfortable in Las Vegas, and their children were thriving. It would seem that they had virtually found their nirvana. Not only did they find a community that was accepting of their alternative lifestyle, but they had four separate houses, situated on a cul-de-sac that offered both togetherness and privacy.

Fans have long surmised that Robyn is the reason behind the family’s decision to move. Reddit users note that Robyn’s eldest child, Dayton, is enrolled in college in Flagstaff, and Robyn has long suggested he is not prepared to live on his own yet. Dayton is, reportedly, not neurotypical, but Robyn and Kody have chosen not to disclose his actual diagnosis. The coincidences seem too great to many fans, who think Robyn masterminded the move to be closer to her eldest child.

The family may have had to pick up and move for financial reasons, too. While the Browns rarely go in-depth about their financial hardships on the show, many followers believe they spend wantonly and have the money trouble to show for it. It’s been theorized that the Brown family had to move swiftly to avoid large balloon payments on their mortgages, but none of them have confirmed the theory.