‘Sister Wives’: All of the Evidence That Points to Kody Brown Taking a Fifth Wife

The cat is out of the bag; the Brown family of Sister Wives isn’t getting along. The most recent season of the family’s hit show has brought a ton of drama, most of which appears to center around the family’s move to Flagstaff, Arizona. While Kody Brown and his four wives continue to bicker over precisely what they will do with their Coyote Pass acreage, fans are noticing a lot of signs that, perhaps, Kody has taken on another wife.  

Robyn Brown suggests she’s not spending enough time with Kody

An offhanded comment by Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown, has some fans scratching their heads. Without a Crystal Ball, a YouTube channel dedicated to discussing the goings-on of reality TV stars noted that Robyn suggested her children weren’t spending enough time with their father. The statement is undoubtedly startling because Kody was assumed to be spending the majority of his time with Robyn and the children they share.

Kody and his first wife, Meri Brown, appear to have almost no relationship with one another. Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, is low maintenance and has spent much of the last year traveling. Christine Brown, Kody’s third wife, has not shared any pictures that would suggest she’s spending an excessive amount of time with Kody, either. If Robyn’s kids are never getting a chance to see their father, and his other three wives don’t seem to be getting extra time with him, then were is Kody? Some fans think he’s busy courting another woman.

Kody seems to be totally over Robyn

An interesting development this season is the relationship between Kody and Robyn. For several years, Robyn was seemingly tapped to be the favorite wife. Rumors had swirled for months that Kody was only spending time with Robyn and that his other marriages were suffering because of it, but is that still the case? Robyn’s statements suggest it is not. With the most recent season now airing, it’s pretty clear to fans that Kody and Robyn have hit a rough patch after 10 years of marriage.

Fans were dismayed when Kody suggested he would end his relationship with Robyn over a property dispute. Sure, that may have been a bluff, but some fans believe the statement suggests Kody has his eye set on a new wife, and that he now sees his existing four wives as entirely disposable. In fact, some followers believe a fifth wife already exists, and the family is merely waiting to introduce her in future seasons of the show if there are any. The exit of at least one wife could be coming, too, suggest some followers.

The family’s property holdings are making some fans question their plans

If Robyn and Kody’s relationship, or lack thereof, isn’t enough of a clue that something big is happening behind the scenes, their property movements might be enough. When the family left Las Vegas, they bought a massive swath of land. Kody originally wanted to build a house with five separate wings on the property. He claimed that he wished to have his own wing, but many fans believe that was a cover. Since Kody circulates from home to home, presumably spending a day with each wife, then a fifth wing wouldn’t be necessary. The only reason Kody would potentially need another wing would be if he is adding another wife to his family.

The family’s decision to purchase multiple houses in the area, on top of their acreage also has left several followers assuming another marriage is in the works. On top of buying a home with Robyn Brown, Kody purchased a separate lot of land directly next door. The family also purchased a home for Christine. If Kody doesn’t plan to add additional wives to his family, he’ll be holding more property than his family actually needs. The Brown family, as it stands, is not growing at the moment. Presumably, Robyn would be the only wife young enough to bring more children into the household, and it doesn’t sound like that is something she’s interested in doing.