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Meri Brown and Christine Brown are not friends. While the former sister wives seem to both be fine with that distinction, only one appears hellbent on embarrassing the other. In a sneak peek for an upcoming tell-all episode, Christine Brown appeared to revel in telling the world what became of Kody Brown’s first wedding ring. The story, deeply personal to Meri Brown, clearly hit her hard, with the small business owner commenting that it wasn’t Christine’s story to tell. Meri seemed angry, but more than anything, she appeared mortified. It’s not the first time Christine has embarrassed Meri on national television, though. 

Christine Brown shared something personal about Meri Brown in the upcoming tell-all 

Christine Brown stepped on some toes in the upcoming Sister Wives tell-all episode and angered Meri Brown in the process. In a sneak peek obtained by Us Weekly, Christine Brown shared what became of Kody Brown’s first wedding ring. 

Christine Brown sits down for a confessional during season 17 of 'Sister Wives.' Christine Brown's wedding special will be featrured on TLC in January
Christine Brown | TLC/YouTube

Christine revealed that after Kody met Robyn Brown, he took the wedding band he had from Meri Brown and melted it down, without her knowledge and consent. Kody’s third wife, Christine, claims Kody told her that he melted down the ring so Meri wouldn’t have power over him any longer. She also revealed that they all chipped in to purchase Kody a Claddagh ring after he ditched his old band. 

Meri Brown has a visceral reaction to Christine sharing her story 

Meri Brown has largely avoided talking about her former sister wife, Christine Brown. It makes sense. She has no relationship with her. Still, if something bothers Meri, it seems she is willing to discuss it now. In a sneak peek obtained by Us Weekly, Meri appeared to have a visceral reaction to learning that Christine shared her wedding ring story. 

Meri Brown, in a wedding gown, smiles while Kody Brown feeeds her cake at their 1990 wedding
Meri Brown and Kody Brown | TLC/YouTube

While visibly upset, Meri noted that the story was not Christine’s to tell. She explained that if she had wanted that to be public knowledge, she would have shared that story herself. Meri has a valid point. The story appears to still cause Meri deep pain, and sharing it with the public doesn’t seem to be something she ever planned on doing. What was Christine’s endgame, though? 

Is Christine Brown just sharing the truth or is she being malicious? 

While Christine Brown still has a lot of dedicated fans, a recent string of interviews appears to have brought forth a fair number of critics, too. The ring story and Meri Brown’s reaction to Christine sharing that information will surely bring out even more haters. Still, it’s fair to question whether Christine is having difficulty reading the room or if she is being malicious toward Meri. 

Her harshest critics will argue that Christine still holds a grudge against Meri and wants to embarrass her. They’ll claim the story was shared with malice. To be fair, Christine looked delighted by the chance to tell the story. She even noted that the story wasn’t really hers to tell, but “here we are.” Those slightly less critical of the newlywed will argue that Christine is simply using Meri’s ring story as a conduit to villainize her ex-husband further. Her fans will likely argue that Christine is just sharing her truth, and since the family has a shared history, she feels she has the right to tell the tale.

'Sister Wives' season 18 stars Meri, Kody, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine Brown.
‘Sister Wives’ season 18 stars Meri, Kody, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine Brown | TLC

While it’s possible Christine had no ill intent, it’s not exactly the first time she’s taken a shot at Meri. Christine made jokes about Meri Brown’s infertility in the show’s early seasons. She has also taken great delight in pointing out how sad and pathetic Meri’s marriage was. All seem to have humiliated Meri, whether that was Christine’s intent or not.

We’ll have to wait and see if the overshare is further addressed on Sister Wives. Part 2 of the season 18 tell-all episodes is set to air on Dec. 3. The final two parts will air on Dec. 10 and Dec. 17, respectively. A two-part special focused on Christine Brown and David Woolley’s wedding will air in January.