‘Sister Wives’: Christine Laughs at the Irony of Kody Being Jealous of Her Choosing Janelle Over Him

On the Feb. 6 episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown laughs at the irony of Kody Brown being jealous of the relationship with his other wife, Janelle Brown. Could it be possible that Kody is jealous that Christine oftentimes chose Janelle over him?

Christine and Janelle Brown during a 'Sister Wives' confessional.
Christine and Janelle Brown during a “Sister Wives” confessional | TLC/YouTube

Christine Brown choosing Janelle over Kody

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, specifically during the Thanksgiving holiday, Christine felt like she was forced to choose a side. She said, “There’s a bit of choosing sides. I just got to choose. It came down to choosing between Janelle and Kody. And I chose Janelle sometimes.”

Janelle Brown of 'Sister Wives' wearing a black sweater while seated on a couch.
Janelle Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

In a flashback clip, Kody mentions, “some of the family has come together in a little clique that has literally excluded some of the other family members. Like the cliquiness and the bullying, the exclusion, and stuff like that.” He says, “I see it negatively.”

Christine laughs at the irony of Kody being jealous

During part two of the Sister Wives tell-all “One-on-One” interviews, reunion host Sukanya Krishnan asked Christine about her relationship with Janelle possibly making Kody jealous.

Christine Brown on the set of the 'Sister Wives' Season 16 One-on-One reunion on TLC.
Christine Brown ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Sukanaya says to Christine, “But he considers you and Janelle a clique. Are you a clique?” She replies, “I’m not trying to be. Janelle’s super easy. Janelle’s really easy. She is lovely to get along with. We kind of just get each other after all of these years.”

The host asks Christine, “I was just thinking, do you think Kody might be jealous because you guys are choosing each other over him?” Christine says, “If Kody’s jealous …” She begins laughing before continuing, “Sorry. I mean, for years. I’ve been jealous. It’s plural marriage for goodness’ sake. And for years, you know, jealousy is a real thing that we have all the time.”

She continues, “That’d be kind of ironic, right, if Kody was jealous of Janelle and my relationship. Sorry.”

Christine and Janelle’s special relationship

Despite Janelle and Christine not getting along together in the beginning, the pair became close after raising their children together. Earlier this season, Janelle told cameras, “There’s a really special something for me with my kids about Christine. She was their primary parental figure at home for so many years while I worked. So they are really attached to her.”

Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown sitting outside during ‘Sister Wives’ episode.
Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown on ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

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Christine admits she “gets” Janelle better than she does with Kody. She says, “He’s really confusing and he’s really so hard to get along with sometimes.” During the coronavirus pandemic, she felt like his rules were too firm and that she didn’t understand why he was so “aggressive.”

The irony of Kody possibly being jealous of Christine and Janelle’s relationship is a funny concept, considering how many years Christine had to learn to manage her own jealous feelings. Part three of the Sister Wives Season 16 tell-all airs Sunday, Feb. 13 on TLC and discovery+.