‘Sister Wives’: Do The Brown Kids Have Strained Relationships?

Last week Sister Wives fans spied a little family tension. This time, the tense moment wasn’t between Kody Brown and one of his four wives. Instead, the Brown kids were getting in on the drama. Paedon Brown replied to an Instagram comment suggesting he and his older sister, Mariah Brown, “couldn’t stand each other.” The brutal comment left fans wondering just how many of the Brown kids are friendly, and which ones can’t “stand” each other.

How many children does Kody Brown have?

Kody is best known for having four wives. His exceptional number of spouses has outshined the enormous amount of children he has fathered. Kody is actually the father of 18. Together with his first wife, Meri Brown, Kody has one daughter, Mariah. With his second wife, Janelle Brown, he has six children. Logan Brown, the family’s eldest child, was born in 1994. Janelle and Kody also share Madison Brown, Hunter Brown, Garrison Brown, Gabriel Brown, and Savanah Brown. Savanah, the youngest of Janelle’s children, was born in 2004.

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Kody also has six children with his third wife, Christine Brown. The couple’s oldest child, Aspyn Brown, was born in 1995. Mykelti Brown followed in 1996. The couple also shares Paedon, Gwendlyn Brown, Ysabel Brown, and Truely Brown. Truely, the couple’s youngest child was born in 2010. Kody also adopted Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage. Dayton Brown was born in 2000. Aurora Brown was born in 2002, and Breanna Brown was born in 2005. Kody and Robyn also share Solomon an Ariella Brown. Solomon was born in 2011, followed by Ariella in 2016.

Paedon Brown doesn’t follow Mariah Brown’s public Instagram

While Audrey Kriss is obviously following Paedon, it looks like the military man has avoided following Mariah’s public Instagram page. That doesn’t mean their relationship is frigid, though. Paedon does follow a private account that Mariah has set up.  For her part, Mariah isn’t following Paedon either, at least not on her public page. In fact, she doesn’t appear to be following any of her siblings on her public page. What is happening behind the scenes on her private account, however, is anyone’s guess.

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With the recent flareup between Paedon and his sister’s fiancée, fans largely agree the at least some of the siblings are far from friendly. That could be because of their alternative family structure. One Reddit user suggested that each wive wants to operate as an independent family, while the 18 kids are all siblings. Could jealousy among the different wives make it difficult for the kids to form connections with their half-siblings? It’s entirely possible, but the issue has never been spoken about publicly.

Social media interaction between the siblings seems sparse

The Duggar kids, who are also a part of a supersized family, regularly comment on each other’s Instagram posts. At the very least, they seem to like an awful lot of each other’s content. That doesn’t seem to be the case for the Brown kids. In fact, their interactions online appear to be pretty few and far between. They are also incredibly spread out geographically, which has led some fans to believe that they aren’t particularly close.

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Mariah and her fiancée are currently living in Chicago while Mariah pursues higher education, while Paedon, Logan, Garrison, and Hunter all appear to be living in the Las Vegas area. Aspyn and Mykelti, who have both married, are living in Utah, while Maddie relocated to the East Coast with her husband, Caleb Brush. The rest of the Brown kids followed their parents to Flagstaff, Arizona.