‘Sister Wives’: Everything You Need to Know About Season 16 before Season 17 Premieres

The season 17 premiere of Sister Wives is just hours away. The newest installment of the reality TV series looks pretty promising. At the very least, the TLC teaser suggests fans can expect just as much drama and strife from the Brown family as they got from season 16 of Sister Wives. Before we jump into what is happening with the Browns now, let’s revisit where we last left the polygamist family

Season 16 kicked off with Kody asking for his own lot on Coyote Pass

By the time Sister Wives season 16 kicked off, fans had already learned that Christine Brown had left Kody. The season was filmed long before Christine sold her Flagstaff home, though. When the season opened, Kody Brown sat down with his wives to inform them that he wanted to divide their Coyote Pass property further so he could have his own building lot. 

Kody, Janelle and Robyn Brown are seated at Coyote Pass on Sister Wives.
Kody, Janelle, and Robyn Brown | TLC/YouTube

All of that was for naught, though. After season 16 was filmed, Christine opted to sell her stake in Coyote Pass to Kody and Robyn Brown for just $10. Christine also sold her Flagstaff home and moved out of state. There has been no development on the property. 

Christine Brown finds herself spitting mad at Kody for a myriad of different reasons 

Season 16 of Sister Wives highlighted how Christine was growing more disenchanted with polygamy by the day. When the mother of six opted to take her then 17-year-old daughter, Ysabel Brown, for spinal surgery in New Jersey, Kody made a fuss. Concerned with the coronavirus (COVID-19), he refused to travel. He even suggested Ysabel travel alone for the serious and notoriously painful surgery. Kody even told cameras that he believed Christine just wanted a “vacation.” 

Christine later revealed that Kody’s behavior about Ysabel’s surgery was the final blow to their marriage. She told People in an interview that Ysabel still struggles with Kody’s actions. During season 16 of Sister Wives, Christine also revealed that she and Kody hadn’t had an intimate relationship in years and that he was no longer interested in a sexual relationship with her. In the season’s final episode, she packed Kody’s things and kicked him out of her house. 

Kody Brown battles with his sons and Janelle Brown over his coronavirus rules 

Kody Brown didn’t just have trouble with Christine Brown in season 16 of Sister Wives. He also battled with his second wife, Janelle Brown. Kody, growing wary of his sons’ carefree attitudes about the pandemic, suggested Janelle kick them out of the house, as both Gabriel and Garrison Brown were over 18. Janelle refused to make them move out, causing tension in her marriage. 

Kody later battled directly with Gabriel and Garrison over the restrictions he wanted to impose on the entire family. Gabriel revealed that he wasn’t particularly bothered by Kody’s absence and that he’d rather spend the holidays with Christine Brown and his siblings. During the tell-all episodes that wrapped up the season, Janelle revealed that Kody was largely estranged from several of his children. Fans of the series believe Gabriel might be one of the children Kody is estranged from. 

Meanwhile, Janelle also traveled during the pandemic, flying to North Carolina to support her daughter, Madison Brush. Madison’s daughter, Evie Brush, had an amputation surgery. Sister Wives fans have long pointed out that Kody favors a few of his children. The fact that he didn’t blink an eye at Janelle traveling to help Maddie, but suggested Ysabel travel on her own to have surgery, lends credence to the theory. 

Kody Brown tests positive for COVID-19, and he got it from the nanny 

All of season 16 of Sister Wives revolved heavily around Kody and Robyn Brown’s coronavirus precautions. The couple largely refused to have the rest of the family visit their home, claiming they were trying to protect the entire family from the virus. Christine, in particular, grew tired of the explanation, especially when she learned Robyn and Kody had a nanny entering their home each day. 

The family discovered they had been exposed to the coronavirus as the season drew to a close. In one of the most ironic moments of the show’s lengthy run, fans learned that Kody and Robyn’s nanny was the one who exposed the entire family. Kody later tests positive for the virus. 

Christine Brown poses with Kody, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle Brown in a TLC photograph for season 17 of 'Sister Wives.'
Christine, Kody, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle Brown of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC/Discovery Press

When fans last left the Browns, Kody and Robyn were still living happily together. Janelle and her children were living across town, and Christine was planning her next big move. Kody Brown’s first wife, Meri Brown, did not factor heavily into season 16’s storyline. She and Kody remain estranged, although she did eventually get to visit with Kody and Robyn’s children. 

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