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In the super trailer for Sister Wives Season 17, Kody Brown is upset, yelling at Christine Brown that something she’s done is a “knife in the kidneys.” Since there is little context, Sister Wives fans are piecing together their theories.

Kody Brown in the trailer for 'Sister Wives' Season 17 on TLC.
Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 | TLC

Kody says something Christine does is like a ‘knife to the kidneys’

In the trailer, there’s a moment when all of the wives are once again gathered in the backyard of Christine’s home. He yells at Christine, “You never really tried to have good relationships with these other people. And that’s the reason I’m pissed off.” Check out the trailer below:

“It’s just the knife in the kidneys over all these years. The sacrifices that I’ve made to love you,” Kody yells. In the scene, Christine sits silently with her head in her hand. Meanwhile, Robyn is crying in the foreground, and Janelle looks confused.

Some ‘Sister Wives’ fans hope the ‘knife’ in Kody’s ‘kidney’ is Janelle leaving

One outlandish theory is that the “knife” in Kody’s “kidneys” is actually Janelle leaving. While it’s likely not, Janelle and Kody’s marriage has been struggling for a while. In one scene, Kody and Janelle have a heart-to-heart about not being “real” with each other.

Janelle Brown wears a maroon sweater during an interview for 'Sister Wives' Season 17 on TLC.
Janelle Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 | TLC

“I don’t know if you and I know how to be real about things with each other,” Kody tells Janelle. At another point in the trailer, Janelle admits that Kody is “no longer acting as [her] husband.”

Later in the trailer, Meri and Robyn console each other and discuss how they must “rebuild” the family. One hopeful fan writes via Reddit, “Maybe the ‘knife in the kidney’ comment is about Jenelle announcing she’s leaving!!” However, other fans quickly shut down that thought since Kody’s comment appears to be directed at Christine.

Some fans think Kody’s upset Christine is selling her share of the Coyote Pass property

One Sister Wives fan believes that the “knife” in Kody’s kidneys is merely his frustration that Christine is moving on. With Ysabel’s graduation out of the way, perhaps this is Christine’s announcement that she will be selling her share of the family’s Coyote Pass property.


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One fan theorized via Reddit, “They are all in summer attire which means late may-early September. My guess is it is Christine telling the family she found a place in Utah and wants to sell Coyote Pass, and dates she is moving.”

While fans are hopeful that Janelle will follow Christine and leave Kody, the most probable “knife in the kidneys” theory is that Kody is incapable of accepting the reality that Christine is taking their 11-year-old daughter Truely to Utah. Either way, the comment is strange, as many Sister Wives fans have pointed out, considering that he was partially responsible for Truely’s kidney failure.

New episodes of Sister Wives Season 17 air Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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