‘Sister Wives’ Fan Theory: Is Robyn Brown’s Nanny Actually a Surrogate?

Sister Wives fans have come up with a theory that could change everything. Is it possible that Robyn Brown’s nanny is actually a surrogate? Could this be why Robyn and Kody have strict coronavirus (COVID-19) rules?

Kody Brown wearing a flannel shirt sitting next to Robyn Brown, who is wearing a floral shirt on,'Sister Wives' | TLC
Kody Brown and Robyn Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Robyn reveals she has a nanny

On the Dec 26 episode of Sister Wives, Christine called out Kody for allowing Robyn to have a nanny while the rest of the family has to socially distance themselves from each other. It came as a surprise to find out that Robyn had a nanny, as she and Kody have been very strict with the coronavirus rules for the family.

Kody told the cameras, “Robyn and I have an employee. We call her a nanny. She comes over, she helps with caring for the kids, and she helps with schooling the kids.”

Christine asks the cameras, “What is the nanny and her husband doing that makes it so they can come over? Cause when I’m home, I do exactly what I should. Yet my girls can’t see their siblings. What does the nanny do?”

‘Sister Wives’ fans have a theory that the nanny is actually Robyn’s Surrogate

There has been a lot of speculation from Sister Wives fans that there could be a new baby in the family. While some fans had theories that Robyn had a baby, the latest theory has to do with the nanny.

One fan speculated on Reddit, “Kody and Robyn’s ‘Nanny’ is actually their surrogate. That is why they are acting nuts about COVID. That is why they are taking loans out. That is why Gabe mentioned pregnancy. That is the straw that broke the camel’s back with Christine.

The fan continued, “Many women do surrogacy for extra money, and their husbands don’t mind. Robyn wanted a brown-haired boy. Just a theory I am working on.”

Could this be a possibility?

While it is an interesting idea, is it a real possibility? While most fans think that this Sister Wives fan theory is a bit “out there,” they do agree that something is going on. One fan commented, “I mean, we can all see that something weird is going on. This is a wild theory, but something is up for sure.”

Robyn Brown sitting on a couch with Kody Brown talking on ‘Sister Wives’
Robyn Brown and Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

One Reddit user thinks it’s a total possibility. They wrote, “I can totally believe it. I think Robyn does not want to be pregnant again but always go for another reason to hold on to Kody.”

Another Sister Wives fan wrote, “I love this theory. It’s insane but totally possible. She did slip in an interview that she has ‘3 little. I have little kids.‘”

Is it possible that Robyn and Kody had another child through surrogacy? Could this be why they’ve been so strict about people coming over to Robyn’s house? Fans will have to keep watching to find out. Sister Wives Season 16 continues to air Sundays on TLC and discovery+.

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