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Sister Wives fans have long assumed the Brown family was in serious financial trouble. Christine Brown, Kody Brown’s third wife, asking fans for money to fund a surgery for one of her children, seemed to confirm that fact. Now, fans might have figured out why the Brown’s are in such a dire financial situation. Aside from poor real estate decisions, they appear to enjoy the finer things in life, even if they can’t afford them. Christine managed to anger fans when she and her children traveled home from a fan-funded surgery in the first-class cabin. 

Christine Brown begged fans for money to fund Ysabel’s surgery 

Over the summer, Christine had an unorthodox request from her fans. She asked those who follow her on Facebook to help fund surgery for her daughter, Ysabel Brown. Ysabel’s struggle with scoliosis has been heavily documented on the family’s show. Christine wasn’t looking for a small sum of money, either. She was requesting $50,000 as a down payment for the surgery. 

Sister Wives fans were initially incredulous and wondered why the Brown family does not currently carry health insurance, especially since Ysabel and Christine and Kody’s youngest child, Truely Brown, have had medical issues. Either way, Christine managed to gather up the money, and Ysabel’s surgery was performed in New Jersey, mostly thanks to fans who donated to the cause. 

Christine and her children flew back to Arizona in first class 

Ysabel didn’t travel to New Jersey alone for her surgery. While Kody was nowhere in sight, she was accompanied by her mother and two of her siblings. They weren’t looking to save some money on the flights, either. 

On their ride back to Arizona, Gwendlyn Brown took her Instagram story to inform her fans that she was headed home in luxury. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Gwen, her two sisters, and her mother all flew back to Arizona in first class. 

Fans were angered by the selfie 

Gwen isn’t one to hold back when she wants to share information, but her “First class, baby!” post seemed to strike a nerve with some followers. Several fans noted that Christine essentially exploited her child’s medical issues to garner sympathy and money from fans, but then splurged on first-class tickets. 


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Several Reddit users quickly jumped to Christine’s defense, claiming that it is possible the family was upgraded for free. It is also possible that they decided to splurge to accommodate Ysabel’s recent surgery better. While that could be true, critics still point out that the Brown family’s financial problems are clearly due to frivolous spending. Regardless of where they are to and from, first-class tickets are always more expensive than economy tickets.