‘Sister Wives’: Fans are Wondering if Aurora Is Getting Help with her Anxiety

Fans who thought the latest season of Sister Wives was going to be boring, could not have been more wrong. The series, which follows the Brown family as they navigate life in a plural family, has packed a ton of drama into their most recent season, but the real-life drama seems to be seriously affecting one of the Brown kids. Fans are deeply worried about Aurora Brown and the panic attack she suffered on the March 8 episode of the series.

More Brown Family issues are coming to the surface

The drama for the Brown family just keeps coming. While Kody Brown and his four wives continue to hash out how they are going to live on their Coyote Pass land, the tension is bleeding over into other facets of the family’s life. It’s now apparent that the Brown kids are deeply affected by what is going on, and none more than Aurora Brown.

While Gabriel Brown struggled deeply last season with the notion of leaving Las Vegas, it seems like Robyn and Kody’s fighting is affecting their 17-year-old daughter. In fact, she suffered a panic attack on camera, prompting Robyn Brown to explain exactly what is going on with the high school student. Robyn later defended her family’s decision to allow the attack to air on Sister Wives, according to In Touch

Fans are concerned about the intensity of Aurora’s panic attacks

Shortly after the episode, several fans took to Reddit and Twitter to voice their concerns about the panic attack that was captured on film and the way her issues were described by Robyn. Several Reddit users noted that 3-5 panic attacks per week seemed like an issue that should be dealt with by a doctor and therapist. Robyn didn’t go into detail about any treatment plan.

Janelle Brown later took to Twitter to suggest that Aurora was seeing the best doctors available and that everything was fine. During the episode in question, an argument between Robyn and Kody appeared to be the trigger point for the attack caught on camera. It is unknown what the most common trigger for the attacks is, or if there is one.

How common are panic attacks?

Panic attacks, while terrifying, are not typically dangerous, and they are a lot more common than you might think. According to Psychology Today, roughly one million people suffer from panic disorder in the United States, and approximately 5% of the population will experience a panic attack at some point in their life. The average age of onset for panic disorder is 24, which is substantially older than Aurora currently is. Aurora is 17.

The Brown family did not share a diagnosis with the general public, but people who suffer from panic disorder were quick to point out that the frequency of Aurora’s symptoms would likely qualify for a diagnosis. It is important to note that those speaking on the topic are not familiar with Aurora’s case. Standard treatment for panic disorder may include cognitive behavioral therapy alone, or in conjunction with medication to manage symptoms.