‘Sister Wives’ Fans React to Robyn’s Break-Dancing Home Videos From the 90s

Sister Wives star, Robyn Brown, shocks fans with her break dancing videos from an old VHS tape from the 90s. Robyn, who is best known for being the fourth wife of Kody Brown, shows off her skills from when she was a teenager. 

Robyn Brown sitting on a couch with Kody Brown talking on ‘Sister Wives’
Robyn Brown and Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Robyn’s kids tell Meri about their mom’s ‘break-dancing’ past

On the Jan 9 episode of Sister Wives, Meri goes to Robyn’s house for the first time in nearly nine months. Robyn’s older daughter, Aurora, tells Meri, “The other night, we were watching Mom’s home videos from when she was 19 and 20 on the VCR.” She revealed, “There was a couple of them where she was like,” and mimics dancing. 

Meri asks, “Wait. You guys have a VCR still?” Robyn confirmed she did. Then Solomon tells Meri, “My mom can like breakdance.” Meri asks Robyn, “He just told me you can breakdance.” 

Robyn break-dances in a home video from the 90’s

In the confessional, Meri tells the cameras, “I did not know that Robyn was a breakdancer. She’s been holding out on me!” 

Breanna was trying to mimic her mom’s breakdancing moves, and Aurora says, “She was getting down low.” Robyn says, “I don’t know if ‘breakdancing’ is the right word. I had a few moves.” 

Then, the VHS tape of 18-year-old Robyn dancing from 1998 shows on the screen. Ariella is doing some hip-hop-inspired spinning, and Robyn confirms, “I didn’t do that… I wasn’t doing the spinning.”

She tells the cameras, “I was about 18 years old, and I was doing some like music videos, and we were watching them. It was really fun. The kids were loving it.”

‘Sister Wives’ fans react to Robyn’s dancing video 

The video made its rounds on Reddit. One fan wrote, “The people at TLC are giving us gold…and they know it.” 

Many fans compared her dancing to Napoleon Dynamite, Monica from Friends, and even Elaine on Seinfeld. Check out the gif of Robyn’s dancing below:

One fan wrote, “I have so many questions about this. What song was she listening to? Who was videotaping? How did they not laugh? How many times did she practice before she felt she had perfected this move?”

Robyn’s “break dancing” was nice comic relief from the usual drama surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) rules and which sister wife gets the pond. So far, on Sister Wives Season 16, fans have found out about Robyn’s hip-hop dancing and Janelle’s grunge past. What’s next?

Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC and streaming on discovery+.

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