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Robyn Brown is doing absolutely nothing to endear herself to Sister Wives fans. In fact, season 18 has only deepened viewers’ hatred for Kody Brown’s last remaining wife, and she continues to damage her reputation. Fans have been sounding off over Kody Brown melting down Meri Brown’s wedding ring for the last week. Multiple Brown family members look bad thanks to the story, but fans have focused most intently on Robyn Brown. It is clear that Robyn Brown is lying about the ring debacle, and fans think they know why. 

Kody Brown melted down the ring Meri Brown gave him

Fans can count on at least one bombshell admission during every Sister Wives tell-all. Over the years, the wives have admitted to a lack of intimacy, angry spats, and disintegrating marriages. Season 18 looked like it might be different. Almost everything appeared out in the open, and then Christine Brown dropped another bombshell.

Meri Brown of TLC's 'Sister Wives' shared a cryptic message in a teaser for season 18s tell-all.
Meri Brown of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ shared a cryptic message in a teaser for season 18s tell-all | TLC

During the season 18 tell-all episodes, Christine revealed that Kody had melted down the wedding ring given to him by Meri Brown. The ring was given to Kody in 1990 when Meri and Kody wed. Christine said that while it wasn’t her story to tell, she would tell it anyway. She explained that Kody opted to melt down the ring so Meri Brown no longer had “power” over him. Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown weighed in on the situation before Meri was informed the story had been told. 

Meri was visibly shaken by the anecdote. She didn’t delve too deeply into the situation but did say she was frustrated that Christine would tell a story that did not belong to her. Meri appeared embarrassed by the entire ordeal, and that’s understandable. While she is angry with Christine for telling the tale, fans couldn’t help but focus on Robyn’s take on the situation. 

Robyn Brown insists the incident happened before she met Kody Brown 

Robyn Brown didn’t want to discuss Meri Brown’s wedding ring. She was more dismissive about the topic than anyone. She claimed that she didn’t have any insider information about the incident. Robyn did want to clear her name, though. 

The mother of five, who has been largely blamed for how Kody’s plural marriage ended, insisted that Kody Brown opted to melt down the ring long before she ever came into the picture. According to Robyn, the ring was long gone by the time she started dating the former polygamist in 2010. While Robyn wanted to distance herself from the incident, Sister Wives fans aren’t letting her off the hook that fast. They are confident that she is lying. 

‘Sister Wives’ footage proves Kody Brown still had the ring when he met Robyn Brown 

While Robyn insists that Kody melted down the ring given to him by Meri Brown long before he even laid eyes on her, there is evidence to the contrary. As soon as Robyn suggested she had nothing to do with the wedding ring situation, fans took to Reddit to point out that Robyn’s telling of events doesn’t match video evidence. 

Kody Brown is seen in a car during season 1 of 'Sister Wives;' He was pictured wearing Meri Brown's wedding ring during the show's premiere season.
Kody Brown | TLC/YouTube

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Reddit users pointed out that Kody appears to be wearing the wedding band in question while he is dating Robyn Brown during season 1 of Sister Wives. Sometime after their marriage, the ring disappeared. So, why exactly is Robyn lying? It’s unclear. Her harshest critics suggest that Robyn Brown was behind the decision to melt down the ring. At the very least, they think, she strongly encouraged Kody to ditch the symbol of Meri Brown’s love. Those who are more forgiving of Kody Brown’s villainous fourth wife are willing to accept that perhaps she has her timeline of events wrong.