‘Sister Wives’: Fans Speculate About Why Meri Brown Goes Ring-Free On Instagram

Polygamist dad Kody Brown and his first wife, Meri Brown, have struggled for years in their marriage on TLC’s Sister Wives.

Meri and Kody legally divorced back in 2014, so Kody could legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Although the legal divorce allegedly only took place so that Kody could adopt Robyn’s three children from her previous marriage, it seemed to create a major rift between Kody and his first wife.

When Meri had an emotional affair with an online catfish the following year, it seemed to further cement the problems between the polygamist couple.

Recently, Meri has taken to Instagram to share inspiring quotes amid the coronavirus pandemic. Sister Wives fans noticed that Kody’s first wife wasn’t wearing a wedding ring in the photos—sparking speculation that she might be choosing to go her own way.

Kody Brown and his four wives
Kody Brown and his four wives | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Kody’s first wife recently shared a quote about facing her fears on social media

Meri often shares inspirational quotes about strong women, independence, and growth, especially for her customers through her successful LuLaRoe business. In many cases, the quotes’ themes have led Sister Wives fans to wonder exactly what’s going on between Meri and her husband.

In recent months, Sister Wives viewers have also concluded that Kody is likely quarantined with his fourth wife, Robyn (who is also widely believed to be his favorite). Meri’s existing estrangement from Kody, along with the forced separation of the COVID-19 crisis, has sparked speculation that she might be ready to move on from the Brown family.

Meri recently took to Instagram to share a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt about facing your fears. Under a picture of herself in LuLaRoe clothing, Meri wrote, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. Do the thing you think you cannot do.”

Immediately, Sister Wives fans praised Meri for her strength as a businesswoman and mom (to her adult daughter, Mariah Brown). “Meri, I love you like a sister. We could have some great conversations, me sipping wine and you sipping lemonade,” one fan wrote. “Stay STRONG.”

Another viewer commented, “You look fabulous Meri! Didn’t see enough of you on this past season. I hope you’re well!”

The Sister Wives star joked good-naturedly that there was a lot that fans didn’t know about her. “Well, ya know, those 17 hours of my life you see out of a year, they’re selective about what they show lol!” she wrote in response to the fan.

Some fans pointed out that Meri wasn’t wearing a ring

Several Sister Wives fans also noticed that Meri wasn’t wearing a wedding ring in her Instagram post, despite having recently celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary with Kody. (Neither of them acknowledged the anniversary on social media.)

Some thought it must just be a coincidence. Others thought there might be a connection between Meri’s ring-free hand and the caption about facing her fears.

Meri noted on the most recent season of Sister Wives that fans frequently wonder why she doesn’t leave Kody, given his obvious attempts to distance himself from her. This post was no exception, with many viewers encouraging her to leave the Brown family and venture out on her own.

“I noticed she doesn’t have a ring on,” one fan wrote.

“No wedding ring?” another viewer wondered.

“What would be the point?” one Instagram user commented in response. “Kody has made it very clear how he feels about Meri and his preference for Robyn.”

“I’ll be glad when she leaves him for good!!” another fan agreed.

One Sister Wives fan was even more open about their hope that Meri would divorce Kody spiritually, instead of just legally. “No more wedding ring?” they wrote. “I hope you broke free from that abuse! You deserve unconditional 24/7 love and respect!”

While Meri’s choice not to wear a ring might be significant, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything about her marriage. Not all spouses wear wedding rings, at least not all the time. It could just be an individual choice.

Still, in Christine Brown’s Instagram posts, she usually wears a ring—which might signal that Meri doesn’t feel the same way about her commitment to Kody.

Many fans wondered why Meri was still involved with the Brown family

The opinion that Meri should think about going her own way and leaving the Browns—and especially Kody—behind seems to be a near-universal one among her fans. Sister Wives viewers rallied around Meri under the post, encouraging her to hold her head up high and find a new man.

“Looking very well Meri, you are my favorite sister wife,” one supporter commenter. “So hard to watch the way Kody treats you.” Another agreed, writing, “I think Kody has said hurtful things to you and about you [because] you are outspoken and he doesn’t seem to like [anybody] questioning his authority. So keep standing your ground.”

Others were even more explicit about their suggestion that Meri divorce Kody, once and for all. “Would love to see her leave on an episode,” one Sister Wives fan commented. “Meri moves on.”

Still other fans suggested that Meri start dating and begin the rest of her life with a partner who wanted her—and only her. “I hope you find your soulmate and stop waiting for a man who doesn’t love you,” one Instagram user wrote. “You deserve to be happy, so go. Find you a real good man.”

Another agreed, writing poignantly: “You are such a strong woman. You have a life ahead of you that you deserve. Minus Kody (sorry) but you should be with someone who loves and respects you.”