‘Sister Wives’: Fans Think Aspyn Brown is Headed for Plural Marriage

Sister Wives fans think that Aspyn Brown is moving towards plural living – even if she doesn’t know it yet.  While the young bride has been outspoken about her desire to live a more traditional lifestyle, it looks like that may not be in the cards for her- at least not if her husband, Mitch has anything to say about it.

Aspyn Brown married Mitch Thompson in June 2018. The wedding, held in Sandy, Utah included 120 guests – the Alldredge family of Seeking Sister Wife was in attendance. The pair had been longtime friends prior to Apsyn’s move to Las Vegas. They later reconnected when Aspyn made the first move, and from there Thompson moved to Vegas to be close to his impending bride. While the story seems sweet, fans of Sister Wives see some red flags in the fledgling marriage.

Fans think Mitch is being shady when questioned about living a plural life

While Aspyn has been outspoken about her desire to remain in a monogamous relationship, Mitch has spent a good amount of time dodging questions about his intentions. One fan questioned the couple about their family plans on Instagram, and while Aspyn decided not to answer, Mitch happily chimed in. While he said he was hoping they’d stick to just one husband, he never actually suggested he wasn’t planning to add more wives to his family.

Reddit users have discussed Mitch’s wishy-washy feelings on polygamy in-depth, and many agree that his lack of commitment to monogamy is a huge problem. Young and inexperienced, fans fear that Aspyn has no idea what she is getting into; fans note that she seems to mimic her mother’s overly enthusiastic behavior. It’s possible 24-year-old Aspyn could be led into a life that she is vehemently against, at least for herself.

The move to Utah has some fans concerned

Aspyn recently noted that she and Mitch were spending some time as tourists while they were still in Vegas. They apparently plan to head back to Utah as soon as Aspyn ties up loose ends at school. While it seems the move was always in the cards, some fans are giving the decision the side eye.

Aspyn and Mitch’s move to Utah puts them substantially closer to Mitch’s family and further away from Aspyn’s siblings, all of whom have decided polygamy is not for them. Mitch is from a well-known polygamist family. In fact, he is directly related to Vanessa Alldredge, the current star of Seeking Sister Wife.