‘Sister Wives’ Fans Think Janelle Brown’s Sister Is Her ‘Twin’ During Trip to Portugal

Sister Wives fans cannot believe the uncanny resemblance between Janelle Brown and her sister in a new photo she posted. Janelle brought her look-a-like sister on a trip to Lisbon, Portugal. Here’s everything we know about the trip and her ‘twin’ sister.

Janelle Brown smiling during an interview on 'Sister Wives' on TLC.
Janelle Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Janelle takes a trip to Portugal

On April 25, Janelle revealed to her Instagram followers that she’s currently on a trip to Lisbon, Portugal. The Sister Wives star posted a video of a panoramic view of the city with the caption, “LISBON, PORTUGAL! First international trip for me since 1987 – 1988.” Check out the video below:

In the caption, she explained the trip was a prize for a contest she won for Plexus, a brand she’s an ambassador for. She also posted a photo of her “European style” cup of coffee.

Later the day, she posted a photo of her lunch, which consisted of “codfish cakes and sardines.” She wrote in the post, “Lunch while sitting on the patio of a restaurant in an old part of the city. #lisbon #portugal.”

‘Sister Wives’ fans think they look like ‘twins’

On April 26, Janelle posted a photo of her sister on her Instagram story, and fans couldn’t get over how similar the two women looked. She wrote, “My sister is my travel buddy for this trip.” The Sister Wives star revealed, “Seeing the city via Tuk Tuk on this very rainy day.” Check out the post below (via Reddit):

Sister Wives fans of Reddit couldn’t believe how similar the two sisters look. A fan captioned the post, “They are twins!” And many fans agreed that the similarities are uncanny.

One Reddit user commented, “Oh my gosh, I was so confused for a sec. They look so much alike!” Another fan commented, “God, they have the exact same expression/smile. It’s crazy.”

Why did Janelle bring her sister on the trip instead of Kody Brown?

Many Sister Wives fans found it strange that Janelle brought her sister on the trip instead of going with her husband, Kody Brown. One fan wrote, “That’s so funny/sad – if I had seen anyone else announce that they’re going to Portugal, I’d prob assume that they’re going with their spouse. It never even OCCURRED to me that Janelle might go with Kody.”

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown sit on a couch together for 'Sister Wives' interviews.
Janelle Brown and Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Could this be more proof that they’re separated? One fan weighed in, “So, traveling with your husband has stopped? Janelle, the list is getting longer. What are you waiting for?”

Could this be the start of Janelle admitting that her marriage to Kody is on its last leg? Fans will have to tune in for Sister Wives Season 17 to find out what’s next for Janelle. Until then, fans are happy to see Janelle go on those adventures she’s always wanted to go on.

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