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The Brown family has officially left Las Vegas. The town that largely welcomed the alternative family allegedly is no longer a good fit for the Browns, at least by Kody’s standards. Now, the Sister Wives clan is off to a brand new adventure in Flagstaff, Arizona, but fans find the reasoning suspect. Not only did the Brown’s rip their children from their schools but they’ve plunked them down in the middle of a town that knows very little about polygamy. Fans on Reddit, however, theorize that the entire move, and all of the past moves, are for one reason and one reason only; to feed Kody Brown’s constant need for attention.

The move from Utah was an attention grabber

The Browns drew in viewers first with their rose-colored portrayal of plural family life, but that’s not enough to keep viewers hooked on a show; every show needs to have a little bit of drama, and the Browns have delivered in spades. During the show’s earlier seasons, the Browns left Lehi, Utah under cover of darkness when they believed the state was ready to prosecute them for living as a plural family.

While the state of Utah has particularly strict laws against polygamy, fans theorize that the state didn’t care nearly as much as the family asserted. A family member seems to confirm the theory. According to Radar, Kristyn Decker, Christine’s aunt, alleges the family didn’t leave Utah in the hurry they portrayed on the show. She argues they the clan had long planned to leave the state but added a spoonful of drama to help their show’s ratings.

The family enjoyed relative anonymity in Las Vegas

Christine, Meri, and Janelle, as well as the kids, seemed to enjoy Las Vegas. Not only did the family get to blend into the larger city, but in a place like Vegas just about anything goes. While polygamy may not be exactly common in Sin City, most residents and visitors to the city don’t have the moral hang-up about plural marriage that is common in a place like Utah.

The Brown Family
(L-R) Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown and Christine Brown
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for AEG Live)

Reddit users surmise that Kody may have decided it was time to move on from Vegas because he wasn’t receiving the attention he wants while living in such a liberal city. The theory, which has no real evidence to back it up, hangs on the idea that Brown, himself, is a bit of an attention-seeker and enjoys being in the spotlight, even if its at the detriment of his family.

Moving to Flagstaff could save a stagnant show

Let’s be honest; the Browns are going to need to do something interesting to keep Sister Wives running. Fans need a little bit of drama to continue tuning in, and the family has already discussed Meri’s indiscretion and the infighting between the wives to death. A move might be just what the doctor ordered to buoy the show’s ratings.

Moving to a locale like Flagstaff will bring new challenges for the ever-expanding family; especially if Kody starts to hunt for more wives while in the Grand Canyon State. Not only will cameras roll while the family figures out their living situation, but they will also follow the family as they acclimate to yet another community. Recording reactions, and the family’s interactions in Flagstaff will likely buy the Browns’ another season or two from TLC.