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Earlier in the week, Ysabel Brown, let it slip that Kody Brown spent the night at Meri Brown’s house while on Facebook Live with her mother. While Christine Brown has since deleted the video, the damage seems to be done. Family followers are left wondering what is going on between Kody and Meri, and more skeptical watchers have now surmised that the family may have manufactured drama between Kody and Meri for ratings. This isn’t the only time that fans have wondered if storylines were created to lure in viewers. Several moments throughout the series felt overly structured.

The manufactured drama may have begun in the very first season of Sister Wives

Ysabel’s recent admission has got the rumor mill spinning, but it’s not the first time the stars of Sister Wives have been accused of manufacturing drama in an attempt to make their show more interesting. In fact, an insider once claimed that the family’s move from Utah to Las Vegas, during the show’s inaugural season, was manufactured to appear far more dramatic than it actually was.

Kody Brown of 'Sister Wives' visits Plymouth Beach on September 10, 2011
Kody Brown | Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images

Kristyn Decker, who is a member of the Browns’ extended family tree, dished about the family’s move from Utah to Las Vegas to Radar Online in 2016. She told the publication that the way the move was shown on the show wasn’t how it actually went down. She alleged that the family had always planned to leave Utah to seek refuge in Las Vegas. She told the publication that she firmly believes the “dead of night” move was manufactured for ratings.  

Are the Browns using Meri’s Catfishing scandal to their advantage?

Back in 2015, Meri was the victim of a catfishing scandal. Most family followers are aware of every detail of the ordeal. It has been painstakingly discussed over and over again on Sister Wives. Any dull moment seems to circle back to the catfishing incident eventually. Surely, fans surmise, the family is tired of talking about it.

Some fans believe that the scandal was used for a ratings boost when it happened and that it is still being used by the family to create drama when things get a little dull. While season 14 focused primarily on the family’s move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona, the catfishing scandal and the state of Kody and Meri’s relationship was a consistent side story.

Are Meri Brown and Kody Brown still together?

With confusion mounting, fans are most curious about Kody’s relationship with his first wife. When viewers last left the Browns, Meri and Kody’s relationship looked like it was irreparably broken, but something seems to have changed during the filming break. In recent weeks, Kody has shown up at Meri’s house, and she appears to be spending more time in Flagstaff than ever before.


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Does that mean all is well with the couple? It’s possible. Fans are beginning to wonder if anything was ever wrong in the first place. Evidence is mounting that perhaps the marital strife depicted on the show isn’t exactly the real deal. Who knows, maybe the catfishing incident was overly dramatized, too.