‘Sister Wives’: How Long Was Robyn Brown Divorced Before She Began Courting Kody Brown?

Robyn Brown married Kody Brown in a spiritual ceremony in 2010, becoming his fourth wife. In 2015, the Sister Wives stars were legally wed. Kody wasn’t Robyn’s first love, though. Robyn was married before meeting the Brown family. In fact, the mother of five once suggested she was unsure if she would ever marry again. So, just how long was Robyn divorced before meeting Kody? Interestingly enough, the ink on her divorce decree wasn’t dry for all that long. 

Robyn Brown married her first husband in 1999 long before ‘Sister Wives’

Robyn married David Jessop in June 1999. She was just 20 when she tied the knot. The mother of five has briefly discussed her previous marriage during a strange rant about purity. Still, she has remained largely quiet about the previous relationship, although her ex has come up organically in several conversations. 

Robyn’s first three children were the products of that marriage. Dayton Brown was born in January 2000, seven months after his parents’ wedding. Her first daughter, Aurora, was born in 2002. Breanna joined the family in 2005. Robyn’s marriage was a monogamous one while it lasted.  

When did Robyn Brown and David Jessop get divorced? 

The actual date of Robyn’s divorce seems to be up for debate. While several media sources allege that Robyn and her first husband called it quits in 2007, Robyn’s own words seem to contradict that. In season 3 of Sister Wives, Robyn suggested that she tried to make her first marriage work for “nine years.” If her statement is correct, her marriage ended sometime in 2008. 

Robyn Brown crying and wearing a blue floral shirt on Sister Wives' | TLC
Robyn Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

According to Starcasm, Jessop was the spouse who started the process. According to the publication, Jessop filed in 2007. It appears that their divorce was not finalized until 2009, though.

When did Robyn Brown begin dating Kody Brown? 

The timeline following Robyn and Jessop’s finalized divorce seems a bit tight, note some fans. By 2010, Robyn had met and began dating Kody Brown. The duo was spiritually married in May 2010, and Robyn, along with her three children, joined the Brown family. 

Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, and Meri Brown ‘Sister Wives’ standing in front of a red background.
Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, and Meri Brown ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Robyn and Kody’s marriage ceremony took place just a month after Christine Brown gave birth to her sixth and final child. In 2015, Kody divorced his first wife, Meri Brown, to legally marry Robyn. The process was captured on Sister Wives. Christine Brown, Kody’s third wife, has since separated from Kody. She now lives in Utah, while Robyn, Kody, Meri and Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, remain in Flagstaff, Arizona.