‘Sister Wives’: How Much Money Have The Browns Spent On Their Move to Flagstaff?

In 2018 The Brown family decided to leave Las Vegas and move to Flagstaff, Arizona. The family’s decision to move was chronicled on Sister Wives. While Kody Brown originally floated the idea that moving would save the family money in the long term, it seems as though the opposite turned out to be true. Since moving to Arizona, the family has encountered serious financial struggles. Exactly how much did the family spend to uproot their lives?

It took the Brown family more than a year to sell all of their Las Vegas properties

When the Brown family packed up their belongings and moved away from Las Vegas, they left some loose ends behind. Meri Brown, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Robyn Brown all had homes that they had purchased in Sin City, and none of them were sold by the time the last box was packed into a UHaul. Initially, the family assumed the homes would sell quickly, but the majority of them languished on the market for months.

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Robyn’s home was the first to sell. The house was officially sold to a private buyer in February 2019, according to Realtor. Janelle signed over ownership of her home in April 2019, followed by Meri in May 2019. Christine’s house was the last to sell. Before the sale in October 2019, Christine dropped the price on her home several times. Initially listed for $599,000, it sold for $535,000.

Two of Kody’s four wives are still renting properties

The family has been in Flagstaff for more than two years now, but two of Kody’s four wives have yet to set down permanent roots. Meri and Janelle, Kody’s first and second wives, are still renting homes. Neither is living particularly frugally, though. Meri’s house, with multiple bedrooms and a full acre of land, is costing her $4,500 per month. Janelle, who has a couple of children still living at home, rents a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house for $2,900 per month.

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Christine and Robyn have both purchased homes in Flagstaff, leading fans to assume that the Coyote Pass property the family originally bought will never be built on. Christine bought a house ahead of the move, claiming she couldn’t find a rental property that would accept her pets. Robyn purchased a home with her husband, Kody, after a rental didn’t work out long term.

How much did the Brown family spend to move to Flagstaff?

While the Flagstaff move was originally intended to save the family money, it has done the opposite. Between multiple moves, rent payments, mortgages, and taxes, the Browns have spent more than $1.8 million on properties since landing in the college town, according to The Sun. The first big expenditure came when the family plunked down more than $800,000 on a parcel of land where they planned to build a house.

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The next big expenditure came when Christine purchased her home. According to court documents, Christine’s house cost the family more than $500,000. Robyn Brown’s home was purchased for $890,000.  According to The Sun, Kody and Robyn put down more than $600,000 as a down payment on the property.