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Ask any average American who’s been kept up at night: It’s downright expensive to keep a roof over the family’s heads and pay for food, clothing, and dozens of other expenses. Now imagine doing that for four families at once. That’s what Sister Wives polygamist Kody Brown does.

Here we’ll list ways he and his four wives support their brood of 18 kids. We’ll also share some financial hardships the TLC reality stars have faced along the way. See how they make most of their money (page 6) as well as the horrific accident that resulted in a major medical bill (page 8).

1. Kody’s ad sales job

Kody Brown apparently no longer has an ad sales company. | TLC

When the show started out in 2010, Kody, now 49, talked about working in online ad sales. He was vague about it and didn’t provide details such as his company’s name. Since then, however, it’s apparent he no longer holds the job. One news article listed him owning a now-defunct computer programming company called Bricksoft.

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