‘Sister Wives’: How Robyn’s Marriage to Kody Coincides ‘12 Years’ of Marital Problems with Christine

On Sister Wives, Kody Brown revealed that he and Christine Brown have been having problems in their marriage for the last 12 years. Unsurprisingly, that’s around the time that Kody introduced his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, to the family. Here’s how Robyn’s relationship timeline with Kody coincides with Christine’s marriage problems.

Christine Brown wearing a blue floral shirt and Kody Brown wearing a black sweater, sitting on the couch on 'Sister Wives.'
Christine Brown and Kody Brown’ Sister Wives’ | TLC

Kody says he and Christine have had marital problems for 12 years

On the January 23 episode of Sister Wives, Christine revealed Kody is no longer interested in an “intimate marriage.” She told Kody that she was not interested in a platonic marriage. Christine stood her ground by telling Kody that he was no longer welcome in her bedroom.

Kody reacted to this news with confusion and surprise. He says, “I have to admit, this isn’t totally unexpected.” He says, “Honestly, we’ve had serious troubles in our marriage for 12 years.”

Kody met Robyn in 2009

As fans know, Kody met his fourth wife, Robyn, in the summer of 2009 at a church dance. After a year of courting, she and Kody spiritually married on May 22, 2010. Then the pair legally married Kody on December 11, 2014, after Meri Brown legally divorced Kody so he could adopt Robyn’s three children from her previous marriage.

This episode of Sister Wives Season 16 was filmed in January 2021. So, 12 years prior to 2021 would be 2009. This means that Kody’s marital problems with Christine perfectly coincide with him meeting Robyn.

How Robyn’s marriage to Kody impacted Christine’s marriage

As Sister Wives fans know, Robyn marrying Kody shook up the family dynamic and caused friction between the wives. When Kody began courting Robyn, Christine was pregnant with her youngest daughter, Truely Brown. Kody would travel five hours away to stay with Robyn for the weekend during this time.

On top of that, it became clear to Christine that Robyn was getting preferential treatment from Kody. Christine never had a honeymoon with Kody. Meanwhile, Kody planned an 11-day honeymoon excursion to San Diego, California, for Robyn. Seeing Kody’s romantic marriage with Robyn made Christine miserable.

During this time, Christine felt emotionally and physically abandoned by Kody. She admitted that she was miserable in her marriage to Kody after Robyn entered the family. She said, “I’m miserable. I’m jealous as can be. I didn’t know I could be a jealous person.”

The family said that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had shed light on the family’s hidden problems. After 28 years of marriage, Christine and Kody divorced. Sister Wives Season 16 “One on One” reunion airs Sunday, January 30 on TLC and discovery+.

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