‘Sister Wives’: Is Kody Brown’s Epic Temper Tantrum Proof That He is Emotionally Abusive?

The Brown family’s drama over their living situation continues to dominate the Sister Wives season. The series’ Mar.1 episode was dominated by discussion about Coyote Pass, but a heated exchange between Kody Brown and Robyn Brown left fans with a sour taste in their mouths. In fact, many walked away from the episode wondering if Kody’s on-screen temper tantrum is just the tip of the iceberg, and, frankly, they are concerned for the emotional well-being of Kody’s four wives, including Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, as well as Robyn.

Kody Brown is clearly manipulating his wives in a recent episode

Fans have long assumed that Robyn was Kody’s favorite wife. It’s been suggested that Robyn has never had to play by the same rules as her sister wives and that the duo are actually in a far more monogamous relationship than they have previously suggested. In fact, it’s been rumored that Kody spends the majority of his evenings with his fourth, and now legal, wife.

What wasn’t apparent until recently, is that Kody appears to manipulate Robyn. Fans were shocked when Kody recently suggested that Robyn gets “table scraps” from her sister wives. He also demanded that Robyn stopped defending Meri, who many fans believe isn’t actually part of the family anymore. For viewers, the back and forth between Robyn and Kody was more than a simple fight, it was a clear indication of manipulation, and it has led fans to believe Kody is emotionally abusive.

Is Kody Brown emotionally abusive?

Kody’s behavior this season has not endeared him to fans. In fact, if anything, fan perception of the family’s patriarch has only gotten worse. His wives are also less than thrilled with his behavior, and even Kody has contemplated the notion of a wife or wives leaving the family. In fact, he’s even suggested that all polygamists, at one point or another, consider calling it quits on the lifestyle. Does that mean he’s emotionally abusive? No, it doesn’t. None of his wives have accused him of abuse, at least publicly. His behavior, however, has thrown up several red flags for viewers, though.

Reddit followers note that Kody and his wives not only don’t seem to get along but that Kody uses his position as the patriarch to sway his family in whatever direction suits him at the moment. Pitting his wives against each other also strikes fans as concerning, although that apparently is a common tactic in polygamist families, according to those who have fled the lifestyle.

Kristyn Decker claims Kody’s behavior is the norm

Kristyn Decker, who was involved in the world of polygamy for 50 years before leaving the lifestyle, has been an outspoken opponent of the movement. Kristyn, who is well-acquainted with the Brown family, has suggested that polygamy, as a whole, has a tendency to be abusive. Kristyn is the aunt of Kody’s second wife, Christine Brown. She appeared on Sister Wives before leaving the movement and being shunned by the family.

Kristyn, speaking to Radar Online, alluded to the notion that emotional abuse and manipulation is the norm in polygamist families. She claimed that physical violence is also common, but stopped short of suggesting Kody was physically abusive towards his wife. There is no evidence to suggest physical abuse is present in the family.

She did say that she believes her niece, as well as the other Brown women, are often manipulated by their husband and that the practice is ingrained in followers of the AUB, the sect the Brown family once belonged to. Kristyn has not been in contact with the Brown family since leaving the movement and does not have any insider information about their current dynamic.