‘Sister Wives’: Is Meri Brown Actually Living in Las Vegas?

It is no longer a secret that the Brown family, famous for their reality TV series, Sister Wives, is having a hard time seeing eye-to-eye. The most recent season of the show, which was filmed more than a year ago, has given fans a glimpse into the tension between Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown. The old footage, however, doesn’t depict what is going on right now, and several fans believe Meri might have escaped her famous family. In fact, many believe she isn’t even really living in Flagstaff, Arizona. Several clues suggest Meri might actually be back in Las Vegas.   

Meri’s Instagram rarely features photos of her family

Meri’s pretty active on Instagram. She regularly takes to Instagram Live and shares pictures from her travels. Over the last year, there is one crucial thing missing from her Instagram feed, and fans have noticed. Meri has not posted a photo with any of her sister wives, nor her husband since November 2019.

Even snapshots of Meri’s recent vacations fail to include pictures of her family, which has led many to assume she vacations solo more often than not, or prefers to leave her family behind when she checks out a new locale. While her Instagram feed alone doesn’t suggest she has left her family, the lack of photographic evidence, combined with additional clues, gives the theory credence.

Meri recently suggested Vegas was shut down

Meri took to Instagram to peddle her LuLaRoe leggings, and, during the course of the conversation, she let her location slip. Meri mentioned that everything in Las Vegas was shut down due to Coronavirus concerns. That isn’t strange, in and of itself, most of the country is dealing with some form of disruption due to the virus.

What is weird is the fact that Meri is apparently in Las Vegas. The mother of one doesn’t live in the city any longer, or, at the very least, that’s what the Brown family would have fans believe. Meri, however, has spent a large portion of her time, in recent months, back in Vegas. She could just be visiting, but fans point out that she has her entire stock of LuLaRoe gear with her. The fact that she’s working in Vegas has led some family followers to believe she actually resides in Sin City, and not back in Flagstaff with the rest of the Browns.

Meri can’t seem to get along with Kody

Meri and Kody can’t seem to get along. That’s nothing new. The duo has had a difficult time connecting ever since Meri was catfished back in 2015. Since the scandal exploded, the pair have visited a family therapist, and, at one point, seemed interested in rekindling their relationship. That has all changed, and, frankly, Kody seems perfectly okay with the idea of seeing Meri walk away entirely.

He seems so okay with the concept that many fans believe it has already happened. A family insider suggested, more than a year ago, that Meri is actually no longer a part of the family, but that she returns to the Browns for filming purposes. The money from the show reportedly has an allure, but how long could that last? After all, Meri has a seemingly successful bed and breakfast, and she’s no longer legally tied to Kody. Its possible fans could see her walk away entirely. Perhaps, a spinoff series could work.