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Meri Brown had a dream, she wanted to open a bed and breakfast, but no ordinary bed and breakfast would do. The woman made famous by her plural lifestyle had a dream of repurchasing a home that had been in her family for decades before it was sold in the 1980s. When the chance came to take ownership of the property, the feisty mother of one would not be deterred, even when her family attempted to pull ranks. 

The Brown family questioned Meri’s motivations

When Kody Brown and his other three wives began to question Meri’s desire to own the home the tension was palpable. She noted that while she needed the family’s support, she wished for them to have a hands-off approach to ownership of the inn. Eventually, Kody said no to funding the project, leading to some hurt feelings and resentment.

Meri persisted, and even fans wondered if perhaps she was looking at the inn as an investment in a single life. After all, she had dealt with serious family drama for several years before purchasing the property. The rumor mill jumped into overdrive when she left her husband and sister wives at home during the inns closing; instead choosing to have her brother and other family members present.

Is Meri’s bed and breakfast successful?

The Lizzie Heritage Inn opened on December 13, 2017. Since then it has racked up rave reviews. According to Heavy, Lizzie Heritage Inn is one of the most successful bed and breakfasts in the state of Utah. Currently, guests have the choice of staying in four rooms, ranging in price from $130 to $165 per night. Meri’s mother, Bonnie allegedly runs the day-to-day operations of the inn. Guests who have left online reviews even note she greets customers at the door with cookies upon arrival.

Guests seem to enjoy the quiet, low-key nature of the inn. While it only has four rooms to offer to guests, according to Heavy it is doing particularly well and appears to be completely solvent. Along with her budding LuLaRoe consulting gig, Meri seems to be one of the most financially stable sister wives; an absolute necessity for the family that is struggling to pay their bills following their move from Las Vegas.

Extended family drama surrounded the inn in its early days.

Bonnie, in particular, was a point of contention between Meri and Kody during discussions about the inn. According to Soap Dirt, Kody was peeved at the notion that Bonnie would be given a room inside the inn to live while she dealt with the daily grind of running the business. At the time, Meri’s home base remained in Las Vegas with her sister wives. The family has since moved further from the Parowan, Utah location. They now reside in Flagstaff.

In a particularly savage moment, Meri told her sister wives and husband that she was planning to run her business her way, and had no desire for their input, according to Newsweek. Meri’s inn is an oddity in the family; not only does she run it on her own, but none of her family members appear on any business information. Robyn’s jewelry business, in contrast, is listed in all four sister wives names. Kody Brown is also listed on its incorporation papers.