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TLC may be showing footage from nearly a year ago on the latest season of Sister Wives, but it appears as though Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown, are still pretty salty about the housing situation. In fact, the entire family has taken to live-tweeting during each episode, and it appears as though Robyn is using the opportunity to throw shade at her husband. Fans who follow the family have assumed that Robyn is the favorite wife for several reasons, but it looks like the honeymoon might be over.

Why is Robyn Kody’s favorite wife?

Kody and Robyn, along with the three other wives, have been pretty adamant that there is no “favorite.” But fans aren’t buying it. It has long been assumed that the entire family was forced to pick up their lives in Las Vegas to accommodate Robyn’s eldest child, who is enrolled in college in Arizona. The people of Flagstaff have also reported that Kody appears to spend the majority of his time with Robyn at her home. He does not stay at Meri’s home and has had limited contact with Janelle and Christine since moving, as well.

So, why would she be the favorite? Robyn, who is now Kody’s legal wife, was the last wife to join the family. She married Kody in 2010. Before then, the family hadn’t added a wife since 1994. Robyn is also significantly younger than the rest of the wives and also seemed to be the wife who was most interested in seeking Kody’s approval.

Is Robyn totally over Kody?

During a live-tweeting marathon, Robyn jumped in to comment on much of Kody’s behavior during a recent episode. Kody, who appeared to throw a tantrum when he couldn’t get his wives’ buy-in on building one large house, also live-tweeted the event. While he spent his time throwing shade at his wives, fans were surprised to see Robyn publicly admonish Kody.

In a tweet, Robyn referred to Kody as a “little baby brother,” and used the baby bottle emoji to suggest he was acting childish. Set aside the weirdness of Robyn referring to her husband as a “baby brother” for a moment. Robyn, who has long sided with her husband, is finally spreading her wings, leading many fans to believe the honeymoon is over.

Reddit users believe that Robyn has, after 10 years, had her fill of Kody’s antics and is finally fighting back. How that will play out in the years to come remains to be seen. Many believe Kody will eventually move on and add additional wives to the family in hopes of getting the upper hand. Whether his four existing wives will stay on board if he does add more women to the family is unknown.

Are any of the women actually friends?

The current season of Sister Wives is different than past seasons. The wives, who have been at odds with one another for years, appear to be in agreement about how they want to live in Flagstaff. None of them are into the idea of sharing a home with their sister wives, and Kody isn’t having it. Without a Crystal Ball spoke with a polygamy insider who claims men like Kody often pit their wives against each other, and heavily rely on manipulation to make their family’s work for them.

The women agreeing on this one issue may be driving Kody crazy, but that doesn’t mean they are friends, or that they have ever been close. In fact, it’s clear that Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn actively dislike one another, at least on some level. This, again, can be attributed to the family’s alternative lifestyle. Jealousy and in-fighting seem like common issues within polygamy and are only made worse when the husband attempts to use his position to curry favor with one wife over another.