‘Sister Wives’: Just How Far Back Does Meri Brown’s Feud With her Family Go?

Meri Brown has serious issues with her husband, Kody Brown. Much of the most recent Sister Wives season has centered around Meri and Kody’s inability to get past their problems, and fans have called out Kody for trying to pit his other wives against Meri. It seems, however, that Kody isn’t the only family member that Meri has a problem with. The family feud appears to have deep roots. In fact, it looks as though the Browns were experiencing discord long before TLC’s cameras showed up.

Meri Brown has had issues with her sister wives in the past

Long before TLC showed up, Meri had a difficult time adjusting to life with sister wives. In the family’s book, Becoming Sister Wives, both Meri, and Jenelle Brown recounted how difficult the early years of their marriages were. Jenelle even moved out of the family’s home for a time, and she eluded to the fact that Kody wasn’t the problem.

Jenelle and Christine Brown, Kody’s second and third wives, appear to work well together, which has led fans to assume Jenelle really had an issue with Meri. Meri has not denied that allegation. Christine has also suggested that she has a hard time connecting with Meri. Shortly after Meri’s catfishing scandal, Christine indicated that Meri seemed unhappy and that she was bringing negative energy into the family.

Meri Brown’s relationship with her daughter seems strained, too

Meri’s issues aren’t only with her sister wives and husband. In fact, Meri seems to have issues with several of the Brown family children, including her own daughter, Mariah. Mariah is Meri and Kody’s only child together. Now living in Chicago with her fiancé, Audrey Kriss, fans note that the mother and daughter appear to have a somewhat chilly relationship.

Mariah appears to be still harboring some anger over her mother’s catfishing incident and doesn’t seem to want to hide it. Reddit users have suggested that Mariah if she had to choose, would likely select her father and siblings over her mother. Meri, however, seems to be dedicated to repairing the relationship, no matter the cost.

Maddie Brown and Meri Brown clearly have unresolved issues

Meri, who was a no show at the birth of Maddie’s second child, was also the only sister wife who was not present when Maddie gave birth to her son, Axel, more than two years ago. Initially, it was suggested that Meri was too busy to attend the birth, but fans now think Maddie banned Meri from being a part of the experience.

Why wold Maddie ban Meri from her birthing experience? After all, the sister wives have long claimed that one of the great things about polygamy is the experience of raising children together. From the way they speak about it, fans have been led to believe that all of the sister wives mother all of the children, regardless of who is biologically related to them. Some fans believe that Meri didn’t live up to the “sister mom” archetype that the Brown family often touted. The Sun notes that Maddie once subtweeted about growing up with a “monster.” While the posts have long since been deleted, fans believe Maddie was referring to Meri.

If you think about it, Meri is the only person she could have really been speaking about. Maddie was already in her teens when Kody married his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. She seems to have a good relationship with her own mother, Jenelle, and Christine spent a lot of time helping to care for Jenelle’s children while she worked. Meri and Maddie also unfollowed each other shortly after the tweets were posted.

Kody has also suggested that Meri has never gotten along well with her family members, and he specifically suggested she had a hard time dealing with all of the kids running through the home. Jenelle and Christine both have six children with Kody, while Robyn and Kody share five kids. Meri is the mother of one child. If Kody and Maddie are to be believed, their sentiments suggest that Meri’s place in the family was in jeopardy for more than a decade before the TLC picked up Sister Wives.