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The cast of TLC's 'Sister Wives' in a photo depicting the events of season 18.
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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Blames Janelle and Christine for Their Own Unhappiness Because They “Asked” to Be in the Family

If Kody Brown hopes to get some 'Sister Wives' viewers on his side by the end of season 18, he's doing a terrible job. The Brown family patriarch just angered fans by suggesting the wives who "asked" to join his family deserved less of his consideration.

Kody Brown is doing absolutely nothing to make Sister Wives fans like him. Season 17 had fans questioning how he managed to get four women to marry him. Season 18 of the series leaves viewers wondering how he managed to keep his plural marriage going for so long. In a recent sneak peek of the series, Kody shored up his villain status by suggesting both Christine Brown and Janelle Brown were responsible for their unhappiness. He theorized they “asked” to join his family, unlike Meri Brown and Robyn Brown, whom he pursued, so they knew what they were getting.

Kody Brown claims Janelle and Christine knew the “special requirements” before entering into a marriage with him

Kody Brown seems to be spending much of season 18 of Sister Wives waffling between admitting his faults and making ridiculous statements. The ridiculous statements are further alienating him from his former partners, his children, and Sister Wives viewers at large. Recently, he caused concern among viewers when he admitted to having evil thoughts. Last week, he admitted to using plural marriage to “dilute” his wives’ personalities. 

Kody Brown sits down to lunch in season 18 of 'Sister Wives'
Kody Brown | YouTube/TLC

Now, he’s managed to anger fans by suggesting Janelle and Christine Brown had no right to be upset with him. He mused that they knew about the “special requirements” he had for them since they “asked” to join his family. In a sneak peek video obtained by People, Kody rambled on about Janelle and Christine being well aware of the “special requirements” he had for them. He essentially suggests the two women were responsible for their unhappiness because they knew what they were getting and “asked” to be members of his family. 

Janelle Brown has plenty of thoughts about Kody’s statement 

Janelle Brown isn’t taking Kody’s statements lying down. His estranged second wife had her own thoughts on his feelings. While Janelle admits she, and later Christine, asked to join his family, she doesn’t believe that makes them different from Robyn Brown. In fact, Janelle insists there was no “begging” from either of them. Instead, the way she and Christine went about joining an established family was the proper way to do it.

Janelle Brown yells at Kody Brown in a screengrab from season 18 of TLC's 'Sister Wives.'
Janelle Brown yells at Kody Brown in a screengrab from season 18 of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

In her interview segment, Janelle pointed out that it’s considered “improper” for a married man to pursue wives. Instead, she explained, women interested in becoming a second, or in Christine’s case, a third wife, generally ask to join the family. A courtship follows if the man is interested. Courtships are generally kept short.

Janelle was particularly offended by the notion that she and Christine deserved less consideration from their plural husband because of how they came into the family. She said, “Somehow because Christine and I asked, we deserve less [and] we should be happy with what we got? It wasn’t like we were begging to be in the family.” 

Currently, Kody is in a monogamous marriage with Robyn Brown. Christine Brown left Kody in November 2021. Janelle announced the end of her marriage in December 2022. Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife, released a statement announcing the end of her spiritual union in January 2023. Christine and Meri have both moved away from Flagstaff, Arizona.


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More of Janelle and Kody Brown’s marital troubles will be featured in upcoming episodes of Sister Wives. The newest episode, the fourth of the season, will air on Sept. 10 at 10 pm on TLC, discovery+, and Max