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For years, Sister Wives fans have felt fairly certain that Kody Brown was simply serving as Robyn Brown’s mouthpiece. Some of the patriarch’s most bizarre decisions or suggestions came directly from Robyn or were made to benefit Robyn. Sister Wives viewers feel certain that we can add Kody’s recent “plural monogamy” suggestion to that list. While he tried to suggest the idea was Janelle’s, we think the idea was Robyn Brown’s. She would feel rather comfortable with “plural monogamy.” It is exactly how she grew up and how she’s conducted herself in her current marriage. 

Kody Brown floats the idea of plural monogamy to Janelle Brown in a recent ‘Sister Wives’ episode

In the most recent episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown floated a wild idea to Janelle Brown. The former polygamist sat down with his estranged wife to discuss their separation. In an attempt to reconcile, Kody said he and Janelle had to figure out “plural monogamy” because she was uninterested in having a relationship with Robyn Brown. 

Plural monogamy is a situation in which one husband has multiple wives, but his families don’t interact with each other. Kody suggested the idea was Janelle’s, although she refutes that claim. Sister Wives fans are in agreement. They think Kody Brown is throwing around the concept of “plural monogamy” because it is what Robyn Brown would be most comfortable with. 

Robyn Brown seems pretty comfortable with idea 

While Kody didn’t mention Robyn’s name while discussing plural polygamy, viewers quickly pointed out that the Sister Wives star was pretty comfortable living the concept. In fact, they argue that she entered the family intending to be a “plural monogamist.” 

Unlike Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown, who spent much of the first decade of their marriages living in close quarters and trying to work together, Robyn had no interest in doing the same. During her early marriage, she lived in a separate house in Lehi, Utah, and moved into her own home in Las Vegas, too. Robyn has never lived with her sister wives. She also hasn’t done much to assimilate into the Brown family culture. 

Robyn Brown was raised in “plural monogamy”

Robyn Brown’s background has been discussed multiple times on Sister Wives. Kody’s fourth wife insisted that she grew up in polygamy and always planned to practice the principle despite her first marriage being monogamous. While Robyn often speaks about polygamy, Sister Wives viewers have suggested that she doesn’t know much about it because she, technically, was not raised in a plural household. 

Robyn Brown sits during a family discussion on 'Sister Wives'
Robyn Brown | TLC.YouTube

According to Reddit users who did some digging, Robyn Brown’s stepfather, Paul Sullivan, was a polygamist with two wives. They did not live in the same house or even on the same street, though. According to several sources, Paul Sullivan’s wives lived in completely different towns and appeared to have limited interactions. Robyn has spoken about postponing celebrations because her father was with his other family. The statement suggests that Sullivan’s two families didn’t socialize.