‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Says Wives Passed Him Around ‘Like a Rag Doll’ During COVID Pandemic

Everyone has been trying to figure out how to manage their lives during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, the Center for Disease Control has recommended that people mainly limit their contact to people that they live with. For the cast of Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his four wives, Christine, Janelle, Meri, and Robyn, this proved to be a hard feat as they all live in four separate households.

Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown on the red carpet
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How did ‘Sister Wives’ handle the pandemic?

The more people a person interacts with, the bigger the chance of getting or spreading COVID. For Kody, the biggest concern was not being able to spend time with his children.

“I guess right now my biggest worry really is if I would have to be isolated from members of my family long-term,” he told the cameras on Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives. “In my mind, part of the healing process when you’re sick is that love and nurturing you get from your loved ones. I’m not going to not go care for a wife if she’s sick. I don’t want to not hug my kids.”

Because Kody would be going back and forth between houses, he recognized that he could be a risk to his family and potentially spread the virus between houses. In the beginning, it was hard for Kody and his wives to agree on what was the best course of action for the families.

“You pick your side, literally,” he said. “There’s almost a divide, like, ‘Oh, we need to quarantine right now,’ and others who are going, ‘You know what, why don’t we spread it around so we can all check and see if we’re immune … or if we’re going to get it.”

Througout the pandemic, Kody started to feel like his wives were in control of his schedule.

“There’s this sort of thing that happens in our relationships, that I guess is only fair in plural marriage — the mom, the household belongs to her,” he said. “It just feels odd to me. ‘Okay, this is what you’re going to do.’ Well, wait a second, do I have a say in this?”

Kody felt like he was being passed around

Though Kody was the biggest risk to most of the households, some of his wives still wanted him to come over.

“How would you feel about going to one house and staying put there for a few days, and then when you’re done, you know, as long as everyone’s well and everything, then move onto the next house for a couple of days?” Christine suggested at one point. She proposed that Kody would shower when arriving at the next house and put his clothes in the washing machine immediately.

When she called Kody out on looking annoyed, he told her his true feelings.

“It’s ’cause you guys are talking about my body,” Kody replied. “I feel like I’m being passed around like a rag doll now.”

At the end of the conversation, the families decided that Kody would visit RELATED: ‘Sister Wives’: Could the Upcoming Season End in 2 Divorces?

each wife and her children while the individual families would be quarantined at home unless they were getting essentials.

While everyone seemed to feel good about the decision, Kody wasn’t so sure.

“My schedule is always a sensitive subject,” he told the cameras. “All my wives have a different opinion of what my schedule should be. But the issue is it’s a sensitive subject to me, and I don’t like them telling me what my schedule is.”