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As season 17 of Sister Wives heads into its second half, Kody Brown is rewriting more and more of his family’s history and the guidelines the Browns insisted they followed back when TLC first introduced the polygamist family. In an upcoming episode, Kody Brown makes a stunning statement about his marriage to his first wife, Meri Brown. It goes against everything he ever claimed about who could decide to leave a spiritual union.

The Brown family once insisted a husband couldn’t abandon his wives 

When TLC first introduced the Brown family on Sister Wives, they were heavily involved in the religious side of their alternative lifestyle. Because of their spirituality, the Browns followed rules to keep the family functioning. Many of these rules were created by the religious organization they belonged to. One of the biggest rules they claimed to follow focused on the division of power within the marriage. According to Kody and his then-three wives, Kody, as the husband, could not request the end of a marriage. 

Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown in an undated family photo
Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown | TLC/Discovery+

The family claimed that the wives were always free to leave if they were unhappy, but Kody, himself, could not opt to dissolve a marriage. Sister Wives fans long theorized that, except for Robyn Brown, Kody actively tried to push his wives away. Basically, they wondered if Kody was attempting to use a loophole for the alleged “rule.” Whether that was once his strategy or not, Kody is outright reneging on that now. 

Kody Brown is now saying he doesn’t consider himself married to Meri Brown

While Kody has long insisted that he didn’t have the right to ask for a divorce, he’s acting as if he is already divorced from his first wife, Meri Brown, despite her assertion that she’s staying committed to her man. In an upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Kody reveals that he doesn’t consider himself married to Meri Brown any longer. 

Meri Brown at Lizzie's Heritage Inn
Meri Brown | TLC/Discovery+

The revelation comes after TLC uploaded the episode description for the November 6 episode of the show. The upcoming episode, “A Polygamist Divorce,” promises to be an emotional one. Not only is Christine packing up and leaving, but her second youngest daughter, Ysabel Brown, is embarking on an adventure of her own. Ysabel is attending college on the East Coast. Kody’s big revelation is sure to add to the drama; frankly, we can’t imagine how emotional Meri’s reaction will surely be. 

This isn’t the first time Kody has contradicted himself 

While Kody’s statement about Meri Brown is his most recent contradiction, it is far from his first. As his public image circles the drain, the father of 18 has become increasingly desperate to rewrite history, likely hoping he’ll somehow look better to Sister Wives fans. 

Kody Brown is seated in a confessional interview for "Sister Wives."
Kody Brown | TLC/YouTube

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Some of Kody’s biggest contradictions have come when he’s speaking about the end of his marriage to Christine Brown. Kody once claimed that Christine was telling everyone that she was planning to leave him before she decided to go. He also claimed Christine “blindsided” him with the decision. Sister Wives fans note that it can’t possibly be both. 

Kody also contradicted himself when Janelle Brown opted to buy a fifth wheel to live in. First, he claimed the camper idea was good, agreeing with Janelle’s decision and working out the logistics of moving the camper onto Coyote Pass. A short time later, Kody insisted he didn’t want to live in the trailer and never agreed with Janelle’s spontaneous purchase. There have, of course, been more contradictions over the years, but these are certainly the most recent.