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Critics loathe Kody Brown and his family as much as fans love them. But none of the wives are as polarizing as Robyn Brown. For years, Sister Wives fans have called out Kody Brown’s fourth wife for what many feel is hypocritical. They believe she rules over the family’s decisions and, subsequently, the other wives.

Recently, fans have dragged Kody and Robyn for failing to support their son Dayton’s transition into adulthood. Although it’s a complicated situation, TLC has given fans a glimpse into the Brown family’s decisions regarding Robyn’s kids.

In 2010, Robyn joined the Brown family and ‘Sister Wives’

Robyn, Meri, Kody, and Christine Brown talk during a 'Sister Wives' confessional in 2015
The Sister Wives cast of Robyn, Meri, Kody, and Christine Brown (Janelle not pictured) in 2015 | TLC via Youtube

When TLC cameras began following Kody’s life in 2010, he was in the process of incorporating Robyn into his family. Robyn joined the Browns with three children, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna, from her first marriage. Over the years, she and Kody added two more children to their family, Solomon and Ariella.

At first, fans approved of the decision to bring Robyn into the Brown household. However, as the show evolved, some viewers began noting Robyn’s poor reactions to family difficulties. Many feel she weaseled her way into the clan to fix her bad credit, saying she only married Kody for his money. Others feel she’s unfair to other members of the large Brown family and only approves of decisions that favor her children, especially her oldest son Dayton.

For instance, when the family relocated to Flagstaff, Arizona, many Brown family members, especially the older children, opposed the move. The teenagers were established at their schools and in their jobs and relationships. As the Browns navigated the complications of the coronavirus pandemic post-move, many viewers felt their decision to relocate was impulsive and that Robyn masterminded it.

Of the five parents and 18 children, the majority seemed to doubt the reasoning behind such a life-changing, expensive decision. Kody maintained that the move was a collective decision and mostly his doing, but fans were not convinced. They noted that Dayton was enrolled in a college in Flagstaff before they relocated, suspecting that Robyn wanted to be near him.

Some fans think Kody and Robyn don’t give Dayton the freedom he needs to grow

Robyn and Kody have come under fire numerous times for favoring Dayton. According to Sister Wives Fandom, he has Aspberger’s. The couple simply describes their oldest of five as being not neurotypical.

Some fans on Reddit point out that Robyn and Kody’s treatment of Dayton is concerning. Many Sister Wives viewers agree the pair aren’t encouraging their son to be independent. Kody and Robyn continue to support Dayton living at home. One fan noted that Kody wanted his second wife Janelle to kick their sons Garrison and Gabe out of the home, saying his father did the same to him. It felt like a double standard to some viewers. Kody should’ve kicked out Dayton similarly to his half-brothers.

The fan asked, “Are they setting him up to be dependent on them for the rest of his life? Shouldn’t they be preparing him to be as independent as possible?” One user said, “Dayton is exempted because he is Robyn’s son,” to which another user said, “Robyn’s children are not being raised to be independent; they aren’t being raised at all.” One user theorized that Kody and Robyn might use the “disability card with Dayton as a reason he needs to stay.”

Why Kody seems to favor Robyn and her children over the other Brown children


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For years, fans have called Kody and Robyn hypocrites for how they handle situations in the family. For instance, when Dayton got into an ATV accident and needed surgery for his eyelid, Kody seemed all too willing to get his son the help he needed. However, when Christine’s daughter Ysabel needed spine surgery, Kody told them to postpone the surgery despite Ysabel being in horrible pain.

Additionally, Kody insisted his other wives follow strict rules about COVID-19. He warned them that he would not visit if they didn’t enforce these guidelines. However, he allowed Robyn to have a nanny who could come and go.

Christine cited some of these choices as contributing to her breaking point. The third wife announced her separation from Kody in November 2021.