‘Sister Wives’: Kody Thinks Christine Is Using Daughter’s Major Surgery As Excuse for a Vacation

Sister Wives fans are outraged after Kody Brown suggests his wife, Christine Brown, is using his daughter, Ysabel’s major surgery as an excuse for a vacation. Ysabel has been dealing with chronic pain for years due to the severity of her scoliosis. Kody is frustrated that he can’t come to New Jersey to be with Ysabel during her surgery but is more concerned with contracting coronavirus (COVID-19).

Kody Brown in a confessional on 'Sister Wives' Season 16
Kody Brown ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Christine and Kody’s daughter, Ysabel has a major surgery for her back

On the Dec 5 episode of Sister Wives, Christine’s daughter, Ysabel is preparing for her major back surgery. Christine gathered Kody and her sister wives to talk about Ysabel’s surgery. She explained the procedure Ysabel will have done to her back to straighten out her spine. She said that not only will it straighten her spine, but she will consequentially grow two to three inches.

Robyn asked Ysabel what she’s looking forward to most after her surgery. She said, “Being more pain-free, driving without pain, waking up without pain, going to bed, being able to breathe without pain.” Christine says, “She’s in pain every day now.” Ysabel explained, “It’s not really a dull ache, but it’s like a sharp pain. Every time I move kind of I get like sharp pains down my back.” Christine says, “There’s nothing I can do to help Ysabel except to get her this surgery.”

Kody thinks Christine is using the surgery as an excuse for a vacation

During the episode, Christine explained to the family the plan to stay in New Jersey for a few weeks before the surgery. Janelle said, “You guys are gonna have sort of a vacation thanks to Ysabel.” Christine admitted that they’re trying to make the most of this trip. They will spend the first two weeks on “vacation” then spend five days in New Jersey, as per Ysabel’s doctor’s orders.

Kody is upset with Christine for not taking the coronavirus lockdown rules seriously. He said “When COVID started, we agreed as a family that we would sequester. That we wouldn’t travel. And after a little while, Christine just decided she wasn’t going to do it anymore. She started traveling. She started traveling extensively.” Kody expressed his frustration with not being able to see the kids as much because of the risk of coronavirus.

Kody continues, “So when she presented the idea of doing the surgery, this year during the summer, during the COVID, I became antagonistic.” He said, “My belief was that it was no longer about Ysabel and her needs, but rather that Christine wanted to take advantage of the time and really get a vacation out of it.”

Fans react to Kody’s comment

On Reddit, fans were calling out Kody for saying that he thinks Christine is taking advantage of Ysabel’s surgery to have a vacation. One Sister Wives fan wrote, “Yes, he did because Kody always finds some way to hit a new low each time he opens his mouth.”

Another fan commented, “Yeah I don’t think Janelle meant where Kody took that comment. She was just being kind and offering a bright side to an actually super stressful situation. The last thing I’d want during one of my Children’s surgery is to be on my own with all my other ones.”

The Reddit user continued, “They may be mostly grown but it’s more than just wrangling; it’s the emotional and mental bandwidth which I would not have. There is no vacation in this and Janelle knew that. She was just trying to be encouraging and Kody took that and ran with it. Like “yeah! She’s just wanting a vacay.” Seriously. SERIOUSLY. She’s taking all her children because Robyn won’t let you hang with Christine’s kids for 8 weeks. And he wouldn’t want to either.”

Kody suggesting Christine is using their daughter’s major surgery as an excuse to have a vacation upset many Sister Wives fans. Many fans believe Kody not going to Ysabel’s surgery was another reason why Christine left her marriage.

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