‘Sister Wives’ Fans Can’t Help but Notice How Disconnected Meri Brown Is From the Rest of the Family

Sister Wives Star, Meri Brown, is not a favorite member of the Brown family. That’s been evident for years, and things don’t appear to be getting better any time soon. Kody Brown and Meri’s marriage has been crumbling for years. In fact, Kody admitted that he has been estranged from Meri for the better part of five years. The state of their union isn’t the only family problem that Meri is battling. Fans of the series can’t help but notice just how disconnected she seems from the rest of the Brown clan.

Meri Brown’s troubles with the other wives started before Sister Wives

Some family followers point to Meri’s legal divorce from Kody as the moment that things started to fall apart between Meri and her family, but there were problems long before that. According to the family’s book, Becoming Sister Wives, Meri, and Janelle Brown had issues early on in the relationships. Things got so bad that Janelle moved out of the house at one point. Even today, the sister wives can’t sit in a car together.

Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown Meri Brown and Christine Brown of 'Sister Wives' arrive at the grand opening of 'Mamma Mia!' at the New Tropicana Las Vegas in 2014
Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown Meri Brown and Christine Brown | Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic

Christine Brown and Meri were, seemingly, once close. Meri and Christine were friends before Christine joined the family, just like Meri and Janelle were friends before Janelle married Kody. The same is true for Robyn Brown. Things started to get tense once the four ladies were all sharing one husband. Meri seems to be the most hated of the wives, though.

Fans notice that Meri doesn’t seem to have a relationship with many of the Brown kids

Reddit users point out that Meri appears to be completely disconnected from her family, including the Kids born to her sister wives. So far, Meri has missed family milestones that revolved around Madison Brown, Kody, and Janelle’s daughter. She doesn’t seem particularly interested in what many of Janelle’s kids are up to, and only appears to have a passing interest in the goings-on in the lives of Christine and Robyn’s kids, too. 

The dichotomy is particularly strange when you consider the way the Brown family claimed they operated. In season 1, the family explained that all of the kids were raised by all of the mothers. Now, 10 years later, there is a clear divide, and Meri, the mother of one daughter, seems to be largely blacklisted from family events involving children that are not biologically hers.

Kody blames Meri for her poor familial relationships

As the patriarch of the family, Kody is supposed to lead and take responsibility for problems within the family structure. At the very least, that’s what the family claimed during the introductory season of Sister Wives. Over the years, it’s become clear that Kody takes no responsibility and, instead has heaped all of the blame onto Meri, making it difficult for her to establish relationships within the family.

'Sister Wives' star, Kody Brown with Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas
The cast of ‘Sister Wives’| Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Fans aren’t sure what went wrong or how the family operates when the cameras are off, but many agree that Meri’s disconnection from the family is pretty uncomfortable. In the season premiere of Sister Wives, Meri made it clear that she has pretty much escaped from the family. Whether that is by choice or by force, however, remains to be seen.