‘Sister Wives’ One on One Reunion: Kody Brown Talks About the ‘Pecking Order’ Between His Wives

On the Jan. 30 ‘One-on-One’ reunion episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown revealed a “pecking order” between his four wives. What exactly is that order?

Kody Brown sitting down across from the 'One on One' host for the tell-all episode for 'Sister Wives' Season 16.
Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Intimate details of Kody’s marriages are revealed

During part one of the Sister Wives reunion episode, Meri revealed that she and Kody haven’t been intimate in over “a decade.” She says that she misses the intimacy, saying, “I miss physical intimacy with him. I would love it for him to hold my hand. That’s just not where we are.”

Kody revealed that he would never feel “safe” enough to give Meri a “full marriage” with him. He revealed that he’s not capable of giving her that intimate marriage that she so desperately craves.

Kody says there is a ‘pecking order’ between his wives

In the preview for the upcoming part two of Sister Wives One-on-One reunion episode, the host asked Robyn if she feels like an “easy target” Robyn replies, “Oh yeah. I get along with Kody.”

Kody tells the host, “There’s a sort of pecking order, and Robyn’s like, why are you this way?” The host tells Robyn, “You’re really the only one who is having a fully functioning relationship with Kody. That must bother them.” She says, “It makes me angry.”

Fan theorize about the ‘pecking order’ of the ‘Sister Wives’

So what is this about a “pecking order”? One fan theorized (via Reddit) that Robyn entering the family disrupted the natural order. Many fans believe that the pecking order is based on who has the best relationship with Kody at the time.

Meri was obviously at the top of the pecking order before Robyn came around. After Robyn came into the family, she found her spot at the top of the pecking order as the wife Kody had spent the most time with during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With Kody and Meri’s marriage downgraded to a friendship, she’s currently the lowest in the pecking order. With Christine divorcing Kody, that means that Janelle is in the middle.

Fans are eager to find out what Kody thinks the pecking order of his wives is. Part two of Sister Wives One-on-One reunion air Feb. 6 on TLC and discovery+.

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