‘Sister Wives’: ‘One on One’ Reunion Episode Confirmed — Everything We Know About the Tell-All So Far

On the Jan 23 episode of Sister Wives, a preview for the upcoming episode confirmed there will be a One on One reunion. The host will sit down with each of the Browns individually to talk about the highlights of Season 16. This includes Meri’s catfishing ‘affair’ and Robyn and Janelle weighing in on Christine’s decision to divorce Kody.

Kody Brown sitting down across from the 'One on One' host for the tell-all episode for 'Sister Wives' Season 16.
Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Kody adresses Meri’s cat-fishing ‘affair’

In the upcoming Jan 30 ‘One on One’ tell-all episode of Sister Wives, the host will sit down with each of the Browns. This season, there was a lot of talk about how Kody and Meri’s marriage is nothing more than a “friendship.”

The host tells Kody, “You have emotionally abandoned them.” Kody yells, “I take offense to that word. When Meri had an affair.” Kody was referencing when Meri was caught in a catfishing scandal in 2015. During Meri’s one-on-one, she says, “If he wants to give up, he can give up.”

Christine reveals her decision to divorce Kody

In the final episode of Sister Wives season 16, Christine says that Kody is no longer interested in having an “intimate marriage.” Soon after, Christine tells Kody that he’s no longer allowed to stay in her room. She decided to pack Kody’s things and leave them in the garage.

However, Kody denies that he ever said he didn’t want an intimate marriage. He tells the host, “I never said no, that we weren’t going to be intimate again.” In the tell-all preview, the host asks Christine, “Where are you and Kody?” She reveals, “Kody and I are divorced.” She tells the host, “[It’s the] hardest time of my life.”

Robyn and Janelle weigh in on Christine’s decision to divorce

Of course, the host asks Christine’s sister wives to weigh in on her decision to divorce Kody. A tearful Robyn tells the host, “I don’t see why giving up is an option when you haven’t actually tried.”


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Janelle tells the host, “She made a choice that she was never going to have a functioning marriage.” Then the host asks Kody more about the end of his marriage with Christine. She asks, “Did she ever hear you say I don’t want you to leave?” Kody reveals, “No.”

One thing is for sure, there are going to be some major bombshells dropped during the ‘One on One’ reunion episode. Sister Wives Season 16 reunion airs Sunday, Jan 30 on TLC and discovery+.