‘Sister Wives’ Opinion: Kody Brown Doesn’t Actually Love Robyn Brown More

Three of Kody Brown’s four marriages have fallen apart or are in the process of falling apart. Sister Wives fans, the Brown kids, and two of his four wives have largely blamed his feelings for and his unequal treatment of his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, for the disintegration of the plural family. Paedon Brown even argued that Robyn was Kody’s “true love.” Is this really a case of Kody loving Robyn Brown more? Based on a recent comment he made, it might not be as cut and dry as “love.” It seems to have more to do with obedience. 

Season 17 of ‘Sister Wives’ is getting really honest about Kody and Robyn Brown 

Season 17 of Sister Wives has featured footage that makes it abundantly clear that the only functioning marriage Kody Brown has is with Robyn Brown. The couple’s closeness has certainly irritated Sister Wives fans for years. Still, season 17 is the first time the other wives have gotten honest about how much it has affected them, too. 

The Brown family including Kody Brown, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown and all of their children on 'Sister Wives' on TLC.
The Brown Family, ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 | TLC

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, Kody’s third and second wives, have mentioned how Kody’s treatment of Robyn and the children he shares with her has affected them. They also delved into how Kody’s behavior has affected their children and their feelings about plural marriage. Kody Brown’s kids have opened up about it, too. Paedon Brown suggested Robyn is Kody’s true love but is it really about “love?”

Kody Brown told Janelle Brown that Robyn Brown is “completely loyal” 

Kody laid down exactly why he seems to enjoy spending time with Robyn more than he enjoys spending time with his other families. During the season 17 episode, “Coronapocalypse,” Kody and Janelle met for lunch to discuss their stormy relationship. Kody outlined how Janelle has operated as a single woman for years as his main issue with their union. 

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown sit for an interview on 'Sister Wives'
Kody Brown and Robyn Brown | Youtube/TLC

When pressed more, Kody said something incredibly important. The father of 18 noted that he has “someone” who is completely “loyal” to him. That someone he was referring to is clearly his fourth and legal wife, Robyn Brown. The comment seemed to annoy Janelle. In a separate confessional, she stressed she would never be “like Robyn.” 

Kody Brown’s comments might prove that he doesn’t actually love Robyn more 

Is Robyn Kody’s true love? His comments suggest that his affinity for Robyn might have little to do with love. Instead, Kody might enjoy his time with Robyn because she doesn’t challenge or question him. She isn’t the love of his life. Instead, you could argue that she’s just more compliant than Kody’s other wives, two of whom have tired of waiting for Kody to pay attention to him. 

One could theorize that if Robyn were to step out of line and question Kody Brown, she would be emotionally abandoned, just as Christine Brown and Janelle Brown have been. Kody’s negative feelings about Christine appeared to materialize after she stopped blindly following his lead. 


‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Claims to Be ‘Hurt’ by Kody Brown’s Suggestion She Moves to Utah

Kody’s problems with Meri Brown also began when she stepped away from her plural marriage and sought an emotional connection outside the marriage. Meri and Kody’s marriage faltered after she was caught in a catfishing scandal. Despite their early insistence that they were “working” through their problems, the process has stalled. Kody has recently stated that he wouldn’t care if Meri married someone else because he doesn’t consider himself married to her. What Kody calls “loyalty” reads more as “obedience” based on the footage captured by TLC.