‘Sister Wives’: Paedon Brown Ends Debate; Says Christine Brown’s Lasagna Is Better Than Robyn Brown’s

Christine Brown’s divorce from Kody Brown certainly looks good on her. Sister Wives fans think the mother of six has never looked better. Her career is moving in a positive direction, too. Following the season finale of Sister Wives, Christine announced a new cooking show that she is filming for TLC’s website. Cooking With Just Christine is just a few episodes in, but Christine has already shared her white lasagna recipe. Her son, Paedon Brown, has made it clear that he prefers his mother’s lasagna over Robyn Brown’s self-proclaimed “bomb” lasagna.

‘Sister Wives’ star, Robyn Brown, once said lasagna was her signature dish 

Robyn Brown doesn’t have many fans, especially after the most recent season of Sister Wives. She doesn’t seem fussed by it, though. After all, Kody appears to be a huge fan of Robyn. Her cooking must have gotten better in recent years, too. Kody has opted to spend most of his time at her house. 

While Christine was largely known as the chef of the Brown family, Robyn always insisted that she was a good cook, too. In fact, the mother of five, in an early episode, insisted she made a “bomb” lasagna. Not everyone in the Brown family seems to agree, though. 

Paedon Brown has made it clear that he prefers his mother’s lasagna 

Paedon Brown, Christine Brown’s only son, appeared on Surviving Sister Wives, a podcast dedicated to the series. Paedon insisted that it was no contest when quizzed about Robyn’s bomb lasagna. He said his mother’s lasagna is and will always be better than Robyn’s lasagna. 

The Brown family poses for a promotional photo for 'Sister Wives'
Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Some lasagna purists might take issue with Christine’s recipe. Paedon revealed that his mother uses cottage cheese in her lasagna instead of the standard ricotta because it is healthier. Cottage cheese is not the traditional filling for lasagna, but an equal 1:1 ratio substitution is far from unheard of.  

What recipes have Christine Brown made on ‘Cooking with Just Christine’?

Christine’s cooking show, Cooking with Just Christine, is still fairly new. The mother of six has appeared in four episodes thus far. Her inaugural episode featured her famous carrot cake. In her second and third episodes, Mykelti Padron joined Christine to cook up white lasagna and the former polygamist’s beloved thanksgiving rolls. Mykelti is one of Christine’s six children. 

Truely Brown, Christine’s youngest child, helped out in the most recent episode. Together the mother-daughter duo made sheet pan German pancakes. They completed their breakfast with customized omelets. Truely, 11, is a fan favorite. 

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