‘Sister Wives’: Paedon Brown Questions Christine Brown’s Choice of Favorite Disney Character

Sister Wives star, Christine Brown, made a name for herself as the Brwon family caretaker. The family’s children have all spoken highly of her, and she has set herself apart as a fan favorite. Her son, Paedon Brown, continuously praises his mother, but recently he hinted that she might have a dark side. He is basing that assumption on her favorite Disney character, though. 

Paedon Brown revealed Christine Brown’s favorite Disney character

Paedon has spent the last several weeks answering fan questions, giving interviews, and uploading videos on TikTok. The 23-year-old knows how to give the people what they want. He’s been feeding Sister Wives fans insider information about his famous family. In one TikTok, Paedon revealed who his mother’s favorite Disney character is. 

Christine Brown with Paedon Brown wearing an army uniform with Kody Brown standing together on ‘Sister Wives’.
Christine Brown, Paedon Brown, and Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’

Paedon started the video by assuring Christine’s fans that she has always been an amazing mother. Still, he hinted that Christine Brown might have a bit of a dark side. He noted that her favorite Disney character is Maleficent, before asking the camera what that says about a person. Paedon ended the quick video by insisting that it doesn’t actually mean anything, but does it? 

Maleficent wasn’t really all bad when you think about it 

Maleficent, as a character, is supposed to embody evil. She calls herself “the mistress of all evil,” after all. She wasn’t always that way, though. The flick explains that King Stefan betrayed Maleficent, cutting off her wings as “proof” that he killed her. Sure, King Stefan spared her life. Still, he left her irrevocably changed. 

Maleficent’s curse on Aurora was her way of avenging what King Stefan did to her. She wasn’t completely evil, though. Maleficent didn’t initially intend for true love’s kiss to reverse her curse. Maleficent added the caveat after King Stefan begged her to spare the child’s life. Technically, Maleficent offered Aurora the same consideration that Stefan had offered her.

What does Christine Brown’s favorite Disney character say about her? 

Christine’s attachment to Maleficent doesn’t mean she’s evil or has a dark streak. If you look at Christine’s life, you can see how she might sympathize with the famed Disney villain. After all, Christine has felt betrayed by the man she loved, just like King Stefan betrayed Maleficent. 

The Brown family poses for a promotional photo for 'Sister Wives'
Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

You could argue that Maleficent is a strong woman who overcame great adversity, albeit in a chaotic way. Christine is also a strong woman who overcame adversity and decided to forge her own path. Christine’s favorite Disney character doesn’t say anything bad about her. In fact, you could theorize that she likes the character because she’s empathetic to other people’s struggles (even if they are fictional characters). 

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