‘Sister Wives’: Paedon Brown’s Family Feuds Just Keep Coming

 All is not well in the Browns’ home, despite what the family, famous for their show, Sister Wives, claims. Paedon Brown apparently doesn’t get along particularly well with a large portion of his prominent family. Several months back, Paedon, who is the only son of Christine Brown and Kody Brown, made waves when he claimed he couldn’t “stand” his sister, Mariah Brown. Since then, more Brown kids have come out and stated they don’t agree with Paedon’s beliefs. Gwendlyn Brown lambasted her big brother on social media, and now, Mykelti Padron, claims she had to fire her 22-year-old brother. 

Paedon Brown angered fans when he stated that he couldn’t “stand” his half-sister, Mariah Brown 

Before 2020, Paedon had largely stayed out of the spotlight that focuses on his famous family. However, family followers have kept up with him on social media. In recent months, his content has caused serious backlash. 

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown speak at a panel in 2010
Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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In a series of comments and posts, Paedon has made it clear that he and his older sister, Mariah, don’t get along. At one point, he stated that he couldn’t “stand” her. Fans were quick to assume Paedon’s issue with Mariah has something to do with her sexual orientation. Mariah famously came out as gay on her family’s reality TV show, Sister Wives. She is currently living in Chicago with her fiancée, Audrey Kriss

Paedon Brown and Gwendlyn Brown don’t see eye-to-eye, either 

Gwendlyn Brown has also made it clear that she and her older brother don’t get along. Gwen took to Twitter recently to lament about issues within her family. In a tweet, she suggested one of her family members refuses to accept her sexuality as a “real” thing. Gwen recently confirmed that she is bisexual

Followers were quick to suggest Gwen’s subtle tweet was aimed at Paedon. Gwen didn’t deny the claim and went on to call her brother racist and “an idiot’ in a Twitter reply, seemingly confirming that she and Paedon don’t have a great relationship. 

Mykelti Padron claimed she had to fire her brother, Paedon 

There may be one more family member who is currently feuding with Paedon. In a Facebook Livestream, Mykelti admitted that she’s only ever had to fire two people from her growing LuLaRoe business. Mykelti, who is currently expecting her first child with her husband, Tony Padron, claimed she fired a woman who made a massive shipping mistake and recently had to let her brother go, too. 

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According to The Sun, Mykelti revealed that she fired Paedon because it’s not good to work with family. She added that it’s especially difficult to work with family members when “they bug the crap out of you.” Paedon has not responded to the allegations that his big sister fired him.