‘Sister Wives’ Reunion: Christine Brown Refused To End Up in a ‘Loveless’ Marriage Like Meri and Kody

On the Jan. 30 ‘One on One’ reunion episode of Sister Wives, Christine reveals to the host that she didn’t want to end up in a “loveless” marriage, like Meri and Kody. How do Christine and Meri’s situations compare?

Christine Brown on the set of the 'Sister Wives' Season 16 One-on-One reunion on TLC.
Christine Brown’ Sister Wives’ | TLC

Kody and Meri’s platonic marriage

For over ten years, Kody and Meri have been in a platonic marriage. During the reunion, Meri revealed that she and Kody’s romantic relationship has been. The host asked, “When did the physicality go out?” Meri replies, “I don’t know, maybe a decade.”

Meri Brown wearing a pink shirt on 'Sister Wives' Season 16.
Meri Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Kody says, “There comes a point where intimacy is just damage. It’s misleading. To have intimacy in a relationship, where there is no real safety, I’m not going there.” He said he would “build a house for her out on Coyote Pass,” but he will never feel comfortable enough to get back into “an intimate place” with her.

Christine didn’t want to end up in a ‘loveless’ marriage like Kody

Meri said that despite not being in “full fellowship” with Kody, she decides to stay for the rest of the family, not just Kody.

She says, “This is my family. I don’t understand, literally, I don’t understand people who think, well just because you don’t have this relationship with Kody, why don’t you just leave?” She says, “Because I don’t want to… It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Christine Brown on the set of the 'Sister Wives' Season 16 One-on-One reunion on TLC.
Christine Brown’ Sister Wives’ | TLC

However, Christine has a very different perspective on losing her intimacy in her marriage with Kody. When talking about Meri and Kody’s platonic marriage, Christine says, “I don’t know how she does it.” She says, “I guess she’s more ‘fine’ with it than I am.”

Meri talks the differences between her and Christine’s choices

The One-on-One host asked Meri why she chose to stay in a marriage void of romance and intimacy, while Christine chose to leave immediately.

Meri Brown wearing a pink shirt with the host of 'Sister Wives' 'One-on-One' Season 16 on TLC.
Meri Brown with the host of ‘Sister Wives’ ‘One-on-One’ Season 16 | TLC

Meri said, “The only thing I can say, between Christine and I, I don’t know what’s in her head. I don’t know what she’s thinking. All I can say is we are two different people, and we have two different sets of values.” She says, “I don’t know. We are just two different people.”

It’s interesting to see how differently Meri and Christine have both handled being friend-zoned by their husband. Part two of Sister Wives One-on-One reunion airs Feb. 6 on TLC and discovery+.

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