‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Dragged on Twitter for Being a Hypocrite

Robyn Brown isn’t a fan favorite on Sister Wives. Kody Brown’s fourth and no legal wife has drawn the ire of fans in the past. Her recent comments following the season 15 finale have been highly controversial, too. The mother of five took to Twitter to claim that she was thinking about the kids when she shot down the idea of returning to Utah. Brown family followers aren’t buying it, though. They have taken to Twitter and Reddit to drag Robyn for being a hypocrite.

Christine Brown broke down when the Brown family shot down her idea of moving back to Utah

Season 15 of Sister Wives brought plenty of drama. While some drama was expected, like Kody’s tumultuous marriage to first wife, Meri Brown, the tension in other marriages was completely unforeseen. Christine’s crumbling marriage shocked fans, and her breakdown during the season finale made fans feel for her.

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Christine made it clear that she no longer wanted to live in Flagstaff and wanted to return to Utah. Christine has several reasons for her desire to return to the family’s former home state. Still, the fact that her family is mostly settled there, including three of her children, seems to be her most important motivating factor. Unfortunately for Christine, the rest of her family doesn’t appear to agree.

Robyn Brown was vehemently against the move

Robyn, in particular, was vehemently opposed to the idea of leaving Flagstaff in favor of Utah. She, along with Kody, currently owns a home in Arizona and have several children who are still in school. The same is not true for the rest of the family.

Christine Brown, Janelle Brow, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown pose for promotional photos for their reality TV show, 'Sister Wives'
The cast of ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

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Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, is currently renting her property. Only one of her children is still in high school. Christine and Kody’s daughter, Ysabel Brown, is set to graduate this year. Their youngest child, Truly Brown, still has several years of school left. Meri and Kody’s only child has been out on her own for years. 

Fans are calling Robyn Brown a hypocrite after her Twitter remarks

Robyn took to Twitter following the season finale on Sunday, April 18, to claim she commiserated with Christine. She claims that she, too, has been tempted to return to Utah as her family lives in the state. Robyn then claimed that she shot down the idea because she worried about uprooting the family’s children again.

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Fans were having none of it. Several replied to Robyn’s post, claiming that she didn’t seem to be concerned about pulling the kids out of school in Las Vegas to move to Flagstaff. While the family has long argued that it was Kody’s idea to head to Arizona, fans remain convinced Robyn was the mastermind behind the move. Robyn’s eldest child, Dayton Brown, had been accepted into a Flagstaff-area school shortly before the move. Fans of the series claim Robyn is only worried about her children, not the kids that Kody has with her sister wives.