‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Worries Her Sister Wives Resent Her in New Sneak Peek – and Fans Have a Lot to Say

Robyn Brown, Kody Brown’s fourth and youngest wife, has often been suspected to be his favorite wife as well. TLC’s Sister Wives is returning for season 15 on Feb. 14 at 10 p.m. EST, and it looks like the issue of Robyn’s suspected favoritism is still an issue in the Brown family.

In a new sneak peek of the season premiere of Sister Wives on TLC’s official Instagram account, Robyn sits down with Kody and her sister wives – Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown – for what looks like a heavy discussion. When Kody’s second wife, Janelle, broaches a sensitive subject, Robyn voices her fears that she disrupted the polygamist Brown family’s dynamics when she entered the picture.

Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine, and Janelle Brown of 'Sister Wives' on the red carpet in 2012
Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine, and Janelle Brown | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kody’s youngest wife worries that she permanently changed the Brown family

In a Sister Wives preview, Janelle shares her concern that the Brown family has been fractured for a a long time.

Although Kody and his four wives lived together under the same roof in Lehi, Utah, they separated into four different homes when they went public with their practice of polygamy on Sister Wives and moved to Las Vegas. Now, they’re even more divided than ever, in four homes scattered around their new hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona.

“I’ve realized I think our family started feeling different the minute we moved to Vegas, and we were more separated,” Janelle tells Kody and her sister wives over dinner.

That’s when Robyn jumps in and admits that she’s worried they’re really saying she disrupted the family. After all, she married Kody just before they moved to Las Vegas.

“Hey, so, can I address the pink elephant I think that’s in the room?” Robyn asks, starting to tear up. “Are you guys trying to say this was because of me coming into the family?”

“When I came into the family, there was a lot of things that happened all at once,” Robyn explains to TLC producers. “I never know if it was these other things that were going on, or if it was me.”

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Robyn’s sister wives comfort and reassure her

Immediately, Robyn’s sister wives comfort her as she cries. Janelle is adamant that the source of the problems in the Brown family isn’t Robyn.

“No, Robyn, no,” Janelle insists, coming over to give her youngest sister wife a hug. “It’s not you! That was not my intention of this conversation.”

Kody’s third wife, Christine, also reassures Robyn that she thinks the move to Las Vegas was the real source of the family’s issues.

“I’m sorry if you think that’s the pink elephant that’s in the room right now,” Christine tells her Sister Wives co-star. “I think it’s Vegas, is what happened.”

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Many ‘Sister Wives’ fans think Robyn and Kody were both to blame

Of course, many Sister Wives fans didn’t agree with Janelle and Christine. Instead, many of them pointed out in the Instagram comments that Kody’s alleged favoritism of Robyn did seem to affect his marriages to his other wives.

“It was definitely Robyn,” one Instagram user commented. “He loves her more while he forgets the sacrifice that the first wife made.”

Another Sister Wives fan agreed, writing: “It’s all about Robyn and Kody. Robyn’s family always rules the families. She acts like the first and only wife.”

Yet another viewer argued that Robyn might have been upset because she felt guilt about how her relationship with Kody affected the whole family.

“She’s feeling this way, because she knows it,” the commenter wrote. “It may not have happened at the beginning of her & Kody’s relationship. But, it happened eventually.”

On Sister Wives season 15, fans will watch Kody struggle in his marriages to his wives – especially his first wife, Meri, and his third wife, Christine. The upcoming season promises more internal drama and conflict than we’ve seen in recent seasons.