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‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 Gets an Official Premiere Date

'Sister Wives' stars Meri Brown, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, and Kody Brown will return to TLC in November 2021. The family's return is happening months earlier than fans of the series expected. What they find when they reconnect with the Brown family is anyone's guess, though.

Rumors that TLC was ready to pull the plug on another one of their controversial families were false. Not only is TLC all-in on another season of Sister Wives, but the famed reality TV network is offering fans more from the Brown family sooner than expected. The polygamist family will be back with more drama, more moves, and more life-altering decisions before the year is up, and that’s certainly good news for fans who can’t look away.

When does season 16 of ‘Sister Wives’ premiere?

Season 16 is set to premiere, ahead of schedule, on November 21, 2021. The series will return to its Sunday at 10 pm time slot. Two years back, TLC decided to move Sister Wives from 8 pm to 10 pm, likely to make room for the far more popular 90 Day Fiance franchise. While fans initially decried the time change, it seems to have been a good decision, not only for TLC but for the Brown family, too.

Christine Brown, Janelle Brow, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown pose for promotional photos for their reality TV show, 'Sister Wives'
The cast of ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

While fans expected the day and time, the actual premiere date was a pretty big surprise. Season 14 of Sister Wives premiered in February, meaning two seasons will air in a single year. The last season to premiere in November instead of January or February was season 11 back in 2016. Season 11 premiered on November 27, 2016. It focused on Madison Brown’s wedding to Caleb Brush. Mykelti Brown’s engagement to Tony Padron was also a featured storyline. Season 16 doesn’t appear to be bringing any televised weddings, but the destruction of a marriage or two could be in the cards.

Why did some fans think ‘Sister Wives’ was canceled?

Even before season 15 wrapped, some fans thought TLC would officially end Sister Wives after housing the family on their network for more than a decade. While those rumors didn’t come to fruition, fans who thought Sister Wives was done had good reason for their theory. The first clue that TLC was losing faith in the series was the most recent season’s ending. Fans were not treated to the much-beloved and heavily-watched tell-all episode. Season 14 also failed to bring the drama of a tell-all. Viewers largely assumed that was due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, though. 

Season 15’s failure to wrap on a high note seemed more ominous. A tell-all wasn’t really necessary, though. When season 15 ended, fans were already ahead of the game. Footage from the season was old, and by the time the April finale rolled around, fans noticed that Kody was less and less present with most of his wives. 


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In fact, he seemed entirely absent from the lives of three out of his four wives for much of the last year. Meri appears to have absconded to Utah. Christine seemed to be following along, and Kody hasn’t given any public indication that he really cares. While season 16 is absolutely happening, fans still don’t know what state they’ll find Kody’s marriages in. In fact, they don’t know if there are still four marriages at all. There is reason to believe that Kody might have way more relationship troubles than he’s ever had before.