‘Sister Wives’ Season 16: Kody’s Wives React to His Decision to Build His Own Home on Coyote Pass

On the Sister Wives Season 16 premiere, Kody Brown shocks his wives when he reveals that he plans on having his own lot with his own home on the family property. Before, the Brown family planned to split their land on Coyote Pass between the four wives, Meri, Jennelle, Christine, and Robyn. Now, Kody had decided he wanted a slice too.

Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, and Meri Brown standing together in front of a red background on 'Sister Wives'
Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, and Meri Brown’ Sister Wives’ | TLC

Kody wants to have his own lot (and house) on Coyote Pass property

It’s been nearly two years since the family bought the Coyote Pass property, and they’ve finally hired a surveyor to help divvy up the land. Kody and the sister wives aren’t happy with the current arrangement of the lots and want a new perspective on reconfiguring it. However, Kody decided that he would add on another lot. This means there will be five lots instead of four. Kody says, “I’m keeping one for me.”

He explains, “I’m not gonna have the four wives owning that fifth lot when I don’t even own one. So I’m just going to have the fifth lot. It’s that simple.” He tells the surveyor his idea to split up the land into five lots and admits he hasn’t discussed the idea with any of his wives

‘Sister Wive’s react to Kody wanting his own house

In the Nov. 21 episode, Kody says, “If you are all going to own your own house, why shouldn’t I own my own house?” Since none of the wives were in on the news that Kody would be keeping a lot of his own, they had a lot to say about their husband’s decision.

Meri said, “This is a brand new configuration that I’ve ever heard Kody talk about. When we talked about this property, we were talking about four different lots.” And Robyn says, “This whole thing that Kody is talking about is a surprise to me. But I think Kody having his own house is silly. But I do think that having a fifth home for us all to gather at is amazing. Does that make sense?”

Janelle says, “Honesty, I love my independence. And when Kody’s there for like more than three or four days at my house, I’m like, ‘You want to go somewhere?'” And Christine says, “I think it’s stupid, Kody talking about having his own house. I guess he’s going to use it for like family gatherings.” She says that she thinks it’s a “waste of money.”

The sister wives figure out where they will live on the Coyote Pass property

Kody decided he would have the lot with the pond on it because it was fair to his wives. He says, “The lot that will have pond will most likely be my lot for full access for family.” Janelle wanted access to the water collected in the pond for irrigation for the greenhouses she planned to build on the property. Meri, who initially didn’t want to be in the back of the property stuck behind the trees, is open to the idea.


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Christine, who isn’t interested in living on the Coyote Pass property at all, decided she liked the corner lot with a view of the mountains. And Robyn will be on the opposite side of the property on the bigger lot with fewer trees. Kody says, “It’s the only configuration I can manage to go ‘This works.'”

It’s been over two years since the Browns bought the property. There has been no progress on building homes, mainly because the wives cannot figure out where they want to build their houses. Now with Christine deciding she wants to move to Utah, all of the plans have been put on hold.

Will the houses ever begin construction? Fans will have to keep watching Sister Wives Season 16, Sundays on TLC.