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TLC has announced the return of Sister Wives for season 17. The network opted to promote the show’s return with a quick, 10-second trailer that didn’t offer any actual footage of the upcoming season. Still, it gave one very important storyline away. Based on the graphic, it is obvious that the season will largely deal with Christine Brown and Kody Brown’s breakup. That comes as no major surprise to Brown family followers. What exactly can they expect to see, though? 

The ‘Sister Wives’ season 17 trailer gives a lot away

Ten seconds doesn’t seem like a lot of time. It’s not. For TLC, it was enough time to give away the major storyline of Sister Wives season 17. On July 22, the famed network shared a graphic on Twitter and Instagram announcing that season 17 of Sister Wives would premiere on September 11. 

Along with the quick announcement, they shared a graphic of the show’s logo, with one of four rings falling from the I in the word wives. The animation seems to hint that fans will get to witness the true end of one of Kody’s four marriages and the fallout of her decision. Fans already know it’s Christine who walks away. 

The season 16 finale dealt with Christine and Kody’s marital woes 

Christine Brown announced her separation from Kody Brown in November 2021, just before season 16 of Sister Wives premiered. Fans of the series had already deduced that Christine had left her husband of more than 20 years. Rumors of a split began circulating in May 2021.

The majority of season 16 focused on Christine and Kody’s marital woes. The season finale focused on Christine’s decision to leave her marriage. The mother of six noted that she made the final decision because she was no longer interested in being in a marriage devoid of physical affection. 

A lot has happened since season 16 premiered in Christine and Kody’s marriage 

Much has happened since the footage from the season 16 finale. Fans already know that Christine opted to sell her home and move back to Utah to be closer to her children. Christine also launched a web-based cooking series on TLC, traveled heavily, and started a TikTok account. 

According to several family members, Christine has also been traveling back to Arizona for filming purposes when necessary. Most recently, Mykelti Padron, Christine and Kody’s daughter, noted that Truely Brown was staying with her and her husband, Tony Padron, while Christine filmed. Truely is Kody and Christine’s youngest daughter. They are also parents to Gwendlyn Brown, Ysabel Brown, Paedon Brown, and Aspyn Thompson. Mykelti didn’t mention if her mother was filming a tell-all episode or footage for subsequent seasons. 

How much of the breakup will season 17 cover? 

Sister Wives is generally filmed far in advance, meaning fans are watching footage that is upwards of 12 months old by the time the season airs. Much of season 16 focused on the 2020 holiday season, with both Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020 serving as a sore spot with the alternative family. Season 16 did not air until November 2021. 

Christine and Kody Brown sit down for a "Sister Wives" confessional.
Christine and Kody Brown sit down for a “Sister Wives” confessional | TLC/YouTube

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Still, fans hope they’ll see the breakdown of Christine and Kody’s marriage to completion during season 17. That seems likely. Based solely on how TLC has opted to structure seasons in the past, it’s safe to assume the season finale will show Christine moving back to Utah. Janelle’s housing woes and her decision to live in an RV during the summer of 2021 seem like a potential storylines, too.