‘Sister Wives’: Some Fans Believe Janelle Brown Is the Most Manipulative

Sister Wives star, Robyn Brown, has gotten a reputation among fans for being manipulative. Her behavior in the most recent season and the tell-all episodes has only managed to shore up some fans’ feelings. Still, she might not be the most manipulative of Kody Brown’s four wives. Some fans theorize that Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, has quietly manipulated situations for decades. Is Janelle brown stirring the pot behind the scenes? 

Janelle Brown often brings up Meri leaving the family 

Janelle and Meri Brown have a long history of not getting along. While the duo were friends decades ago, that seemed to go out the window when Janelle divorced Meri’s brother, Adam Barber, and married Kody. Some fans feel that Janelle would be happier if Meri just left town for good. So, why exactly does she continue to bring up the prospect of Meri leaving like she is concerned? 

Some fans feel that Janelle brings up the idea of Meri “getting ready to leave the family” to drive a further wedge between Kody and Meri. Other fans think she does it specifically to hurt Meri, who she has held a grudge against for years. Regardless of their theory, most fans agree that Janelle doesn’t continue to bring it up because she’s concerned or saddened by the prospect. 

Janelle Brown seems to diminish the other wives’ feelings

Janelle has been described as “cerebral” and “logical,” both by Kody Brown and the other wives. However, Sister Wives fans don’t believe that is Janelle’s actual dynamic inside the family. Instead, some fans believe Janelle purposefully diminishes the feelings of her sister wives and hides her own to get on Kody Brown’s good side. 

Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, and Meri Brown ‘Sister Wives’ standing in front of a red background.
Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown, and Meri Brown ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

One Reddit user points out that Janelle sits back and quietly pushes a narrative before acting innocent. She has regularly suggested Kody’s other wives are overreacting, and she appeared to purposefully invalidate Christine’s feelings during the most recent tell-all episode. While Janelle’s “not like the other girls” energy could be real, some fans believe it’s a facade.

What is Janelle Brown’s endgame? 

Janelle’s fans largely believe the mother of six will leave Kody behind just like Christine one day. Her critics think her actual endgame is quite the opposite. Some fans strongly believe Janelle is using her laidback persona to manipulate her family life to her benefit, which would include all of Kody’s other wives leaving him.

A few family followers even think Janelle could be partially responsible for the end of Christine and Kody’s marriage. Some Sister Wives viewers are convinced Janelle was the one who told Kody that Christine was considering leaving the family. Neither Kody, Christine, nor Janelle, have confirmed that. Still, Kody did say some family members told him Christine was getting ready to take off. 

Will Janelle get her way? If she desires to be the last wife standing, it seems unlikely that she’ll get what she wants. Paedon Brown, Christine and Kody’s son, is fairly convinced that Robyn Brown is Kody’s soulmate. Robyn seems dedicated to the marriage, too. Christine already left the family. Meri might eventually leave, too. Robyn appears to be in it for good, though. 

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