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In season 1 of Sister Wives, Christine Brown insisted she always wanted to be a third wife. She doubled down on that assertion in the family’s memoir, Becoming Sister Wives. While Christine got what she wanted, it didn’t work out in the end for her. In November 2021, she announced she had left her plural marriage. Fans have been watching the divorce unfold through season 17 of Sister Wives. Now, Christine is sitting down to discuss polygamy and recently revealed, in a podcast interview, exactly why she thought being a third wife was the best option for her. 

Christine Brown just spelled out why she wanted to be a third wife 

Recently, Christine sat down with Kate Casey for Reality Life with Kate Casey, a podcast about all things reality TV. During the hour-long sit-down, Christine revealed the rationale behind her desire to be a third wife in a plural family. 

Christine Brown sits in front of her bookshelf in her office on 'Sister Wives' Season 17 on TLC.
Christine Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 | TLC

Christine explained that she believed the third wife role would be the easiest one. She said being the first wife felt like too much work because the first wife is responsible for “helping the little boy grow up.” The second wife role didn’t feel right, either. She insisted that being the second wife felt too awkward because that’s the wife who comes in, upsets a delicate balance, and “breaks the ice.” According to Christine, the third wife didn’t need to deal with any of that. 

The cast of TLC's 'Sister Wives' includes Meri, Robyn, Kody, Janelle, and Christine Brown.
The cast of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ includes Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine, and Janelle Brown | TLC/Discovery Press

Interestingly enough, Christine didn’t mention the fourth wife’s role. There is a good reason for that. Having four wives is rare in polygamist circles, although the Browns added a fourth wife. Many Sister Wives fans believe the fourth wife’s entrance into the family was the catalyst for its breakdown. It’s possible that Christine assumed being the third wife also meant she would be the last wife. 

Christine Brown had a moment of doubt about polygamy before she met Kody Brown 

Christine Brown wasn’t always 100% on board with polygamy. She explained that following her mother’s decision to leave the faith, she seriously questioned whether or not she was interested in plural marriage. Christine said she thought about it and decided she wanted to be in a polygamist marriage. Christine Brown’s mother, Annie Allred, left Christine’s father, Rex Allred, in the 1990s. 

‘Sister Wives’ stars, Kody Brown and Christine Brown get married in 1994.
Kody Brown and Christine Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Christine went on to explain that she met Kody not long after. They became fast friends, but romance didn’t seem to be in the cards, at least not right away. Christine said different people came and went, but one day, about three years after they had met, she told Kody that she thought he should be the one she married. Things progressed from that point. 

Christine Brown is now following in her mother’s footsteps 

While Christine once denounced her mother’s decision to leave polygamy and speak out against the practice, she’s now following in her footsteps. While Christine has not become an outspoken opponent of the practice just yet, she has made it clear that she no longer believes in it and won’t choose it again. 

Christine Brown poses with Kody, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle Brown in a TLC photograph for season 17 of 'Sister Wives.'
Christine, Kody, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle Brown of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC/Discovery Press

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In August 2022, Christine sat down with People to discuss her new life away from Kody Brown. The mother of six admitted that she planned to start dating again, but she won’t be sharing a husband this time around. She said that she’d be a monogamist from here on out. None of Christine’s children have chosen polygamy.